US Constitution and Government from The Good and the Beautiful is a groundbreaking new course that truly is like no other. Don’t miss the course details and special giveaway below! Set to release in September 2021 or earlier, this course is filled with interactive lessons; an exciting adventure-filled, full-length read-aloud book; inspirational audio biographies; and much more. This 30-lesson course, designed for grades 4–8, immerses children in the lives of the Founding Fathers and Mothers as well as the important events and documents that formed America’s government. Through each carefully created lesson, children will gain a deep understanding of the principles that guided those who founded America’s Republic, including justice, liberty, duty, and equality. To celebrate the upcoming release of this one-of-a-kind course, we are giving away 20 canvas-wrapped prints of artwork created specifically for our course. This stunning painting by Dan Burr depicts the Founding Fathers praying over the US Constitution and is only available in this exclusive giveaway, which ends June 8, 2021, at midnight EST. We at The Good and the Beautiful have lovingly created this course because we know that the US Constitution and the founding of the United States are so incredibly important to understand. Stay tuned to our emails and social media for many more details about this exciting new course.

Giveaway closes on June 8, 2021 at midnight EST. Winners will be notified via email or social media. For full contest rules and policies, please click here.