A Wolf in the North Woods

by Heather Horn

Informational yet Engaging

5.0 rating
September 8, 2020

I read this to my younger children, and we all really enjoyed the engaging way in which we learned about wolves from infancy to adulthood.

Ann Muldowney

Joy in reading

5.0 rating
May 22, 2020

We just are starting with TGATB and we started reading this book my daughter loves it in the past she would rush and not take her time and now she enjoys reading it and is able to tell me back what she read. Super excited and can’t wait to see how she does this school year using these books.

Maryanne Ceron


5.0 rating
May 21, 2020

My nature loving son absolutely loved this book and read it multiple times. It was the kind of story where kids learn without realizing they’re learning!!

Kersten L

Great Book

5.0 rating
May 20, 2020

My 7 yr old daughter loves this book. She enjoyed the story and the artwork. Another great book from The Good and The Beautiful.

Holly Masson

No Title

5.0 rating
May 20, 2020

My 6, 4 and 3 year olds all loved this book. The pictures are lovely and the story is simple and sweet.

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Level 2

Life in the North Woods is full of surprises, danger, work, and best of all: adventure! Young wolf pups, Will and Beth, discover the skills of hunting and protecting as well as the love of family and nature. Follow the wolf siblings through the North Woods as they grow from newborn pups to helpful members of the pack.

63 Pages

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