Crooked Creek Ranch

by Amy Drorbaugh
Level 3B

“Look! Look over there!” . . . There she was . . . a big mama skunk. And right behind her, in a line, were three roly-poly, fluffy little skunk babies. “Aren’t they so cute!” squealed Sara, clapping her hands together. “Let’s catch them!” 

There’s never a dull moment when you live on an isolated cattle ranch in the hills of Southern California. Tag along with Sara, Levi, and Tommy as they have hilarious and fun adventures. Based on true events from the childhood of the author’s mother, these heart-warming stories reveal a glimpse into rural life in the early 1900s and focus on the unbreakable bond of family.

  • 101 pages
  • Black and white illustrations
  • Paperback, perfect binding, 5.5″x8.5″

Crooked Creek Ranch is book 1 of the Crooked Creek Ranch series. Book 2 in the series is Crooked Creek Ranch and the Great Flood. It is recommended to read the series in order.

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