Patterns on the Wall

by Elizabeth Yates

A lot of deep conversation starters

5.0 rating
June 4, 2020

This book tells the story of a young man who faces so many trials. Child abuse, famine, drought, terrible winters, death, pandemics, false accusations and more. He learns faith, hope, and charity, as well as patience, and persistence. This book can open the doorway to conversations about prejudice, abuse, and other evils and how they are overcome by love.

Stephen B

Our world needs more books like this!

5.0 rating
June 2, 2020

What a beautiful and enjoyable read-aloud. An engaging plot, wonderful messages, and lovely language. God and faith is so simply intertwined into this tale of a young boy, who grows to manhood facing affliction with grace and faith. It also really helpful to understand what some of those experiences in early America would have been like during those years of cold an famine.

Lezlie-Anne I

Solid, Heartfelt Literature

5.0 rating
May 20, 2020

Patterns on the Wall is the first book that I read from The Good and The Beautiful. I loved it so much that I have purchased several other titles to enjoy. The writing is high quality, descriptive, and beautiful. I felt uplifted as I read this book. This book helped me understand the importance of solid, gentle, heartfelt literature.

Janet Barbini

All things Good and Beautiful

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

Elizabeth Yates is a favorite author and Patterns on the Wall does not disappoint. It is morally uplifting, has many examples of quality writing with literary devices, and is fully entertaining. I am so glad The Good and the Beautiful has chosen to republish this great work.

Linda LaDuke
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Level 8

Things are not easy for Jared Austin, but with hard work and indomitable perseverance, he turns his life into something beautiful, just like the walls that he stencils. This historical fiction novel features fascinating character development, an engaging and unpredictable plot, and wonderful insights into life in New England during the early 1800s, including the “frozen year” of 1816. Elizabeth Yates has woven in moving messages of kindness, gratitude to God, faith, appreciation of nature, hard work, love of learning, self-improvement, optimism, humility, long-suffering, and patience.

164 pages

This book is integrated with the High School 1 Language Arts Course and is included in the High School 1 Course Set.

Please note: This book is also published under the title The Journeyman.

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