Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

Cleaned up, unabridged version

5.0 rating
October 5, 2020

Pride and Prejudice is a favorite around here! I love that we have this cleaned up but unabridged version to offer our kids as they are ready for the full-length story.

Danielle B


5.0 rating
September 24, 2020

This timeless classic is a book that every young person should read. The book is enjoyable, yes, but there are also myriad lessons to be learned from the characters. Each character is flawed, though some flaws are hard to see at first, and most people will be able to see themselves somewhere in this book.


Unabridged and Clean

4.0 rating
September 8, 2020

If you love Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, you’ll love this unbridged but clean version of the book. Humor, life lessons, and high literary merit are all in this book.

Linda L

What’s Not to Love

5.0 rating
January 15, 2020

I absolutely adore this book as it is so well written and it really brings out so many emotions. Tenderness towards the two elder sister’s relationship. Annoyance at the younger siblings frivolity and even more annoyance at the parents and allowing them to do some of the things they did. Hope for what could be. Humor in Elizabeth’s and Mr. Darcy’s relationship that at times was quite tumultuous. I could go on and on, but it seems over the span of my life, at some point, I’ve been each one of these characters in one way or another.
Great life lesson on judging less and being more accepting of those different from us.


Overcoming Character Flaws

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

I love Jane Austen’s classic tale of how our own character flaws of pride or prejudice can hinder our relationships. Truly, what we think or assume can bring ease or trials into our lives. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy both go through a lot of growth over the course of this story as they face their own character faults and overcome them.

Tristan RowLee
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Level 11

The lovely young Bennet sisters, Jane and Elizabeth, are hoping to find their ideal husbands: men to bring them both love and financial security. When rich and handsome Charles Bingley moves into the neighborhood—and his rich and handsome friend Mr. Darcy comes for a visit—the sisters’ prospects look bright. However, while Mr. Bingley is instantly taken with Jane, Mr. Darcy is haughty and clear about his disdain for the Bennet family’s lack of station and decorum. After he rudely snubs Elizabeth at a party, it seems impossible that Elizabeth’s and Mr. Darcy’s first impressions of each other will ever soften into friendship—and certainly never love.

In this timeless classic, Jane Austen masterfully weaves the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and heartwarming family love. With delightful language and unforgettable characters, readers enter the enchanting Regency era where overcoming pride of station and prejudicial opinions of others is surprisingly relatable to today.

372 pages

*Clean Language Version* This unabridged version has updated spelling. Several instances of taking the Lord’s name in vain have been removed.

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