Up From Slavery

by Booker T. Washington

Everyone should read this book

5.0 rating
May 6, 2021

In my opinion, this is the best book included in the High School Language Arts level 1. Booker T. Washington’s life story, thoughts, and philosophy are relevant to our world today. While the writing is good and the story is interesting, that is not the most important part. What’s most important are the messages of resilience, equality, and hard work. If all Americans read this book we’d be better off. It is an excellent choice for every high school student and an essential balance to the messages that teenagers are getting from the world at large.

Karen Posselt

Great read

5.0 rating
April 27, 2021

We loved reading the first hand account on booker t’s life. It made it more interesting knowing it was his own words and as accurate as it comes.

April a

Where has this been all my life?

5.0 rating
March 22, 2021

I loved learning about Mr. Washington through his own words. I am surprised his account was not part of my education growing up! It is a very inspiring account that shows his virtuous character and has made me evaluate how I am teaching my children. This is a must read!

Mackenzie S

A Must Read

5.0 rating
November 24, 2020

If you’re looking for a good autobiography, may I suggest this one. I couldn’t put it down! The historical education is valuable. Furthermore, the insights Booker T. Washington has on personal character, race relations, our nation, and life in general are just as apropos and relevant today as they were in the early 20th century. It’s a shame this book was never part of my formal education, in high school or college (and I even graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia and took race classes there), so kudos to The Good and the Beautiful for making this book, among other excellent choices, an integral part of its homeschool curriculum for high schoolers.

Ann M.

Loved it!

5.0 rating
May 20, 2020

I loved this book. I didn’t know anything about Booker T. Washington before reading it. He was obviously a man of high integrity and moral character, and he encouraged everyone he ever taught to be the same. He was a very accomplished man and and I loved learning more about him. His story is inspiring.

Aersta Acerson
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Level 10

Booker T. Washington’s story begins in a Virginia slave hut and ends with worldwide recognition and a life of incredible accomplishments. In this fascinating autobiography, Booker T. Washington tells his own story with skillful, engaging writing. Not only does the book give insights into a remarkable man, but it also shares profound messages about persistence, education, hard work, humility, strength, service, and sacrifice.

This book is integrated with the High School 1 Language Arts Course and is included in the High School 1 Course Set.

201 pages

Note: The Good and the Beautiful will not be offering Kindle or Audible versions of this title.

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