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How to Choose Your Courses

We are here to help every step of the way in your homeschool journey! Use this step-by-step guide to help you easily select courses for your family to make homeschool planning easy and enjoyable.

Add items to your cart as you follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Print the Shopping Checklist

Print one copy of pages 7-8 of this Shopping Checklist for your family-style courses and one copy per child of page 9 for individual course.

Fill in each child’s name and results on the “Individual Courses” page.

Step 2: Choose Your Family-Style Courses

Choose Your Science Courses


Complete the science section of page 7 by marking which science units your family would like to complete this school year.

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Complete units in any order you choose. Many families sequence units based on children’s interests. Other families choose science unit studies based on seasons—for example, Botany, Birds, and Arthropods are great spring and summer units.

All units are taught family style for K–8 with extensions for grades 7–8. Space Science, Safety, or Arthropods units work well for all ages, but are especially good for younger children as first science units.

Optional Read-Aloud Book Packs and Grades 7–8 Extension Books are available for most units. Each unit arrives unbound and comes with a free PDF download so families can make copies of activity pages for each child. The Good and the Beautiful Library offers many books, activities, or games that pair nicely with our science units.

Choose Your History Courses


Choose a history course to complete as a family.
We highly suggest beginning with History 1.

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Each of our history courses includes 60 lessons and is designed to be completed in one school year, doing 2–3 lessons weekly. Our four full-year history courses are designed for grades 1 through high school, but if you have only first grade and younger children, wait to start history until the oldest child is in second grade. Ideally you should begin with History1, but it is possible for families to begin with one of the other years first. The audio dramatizations and course books do sometimes refer to people or events from a previous year’s course. Optional Read-Aloud Book Packs are available for each year of history.

US Constitution and Government, a 33-lesson course designed for grades 4–8, immerses children in the lives of the Founding Fathers and Mothers as well as the important events and documents that formed America’s government. This course can be completed independently from any other of our history courses.

Step 3: Complete the Placement Tests

It is important to place your child at the correct language arts and math levels using our Placement Tests. Complete the Placement Tests for language arts, math, and reading found at Detailed instructions for administering the tests are found in the download.

Administer all three Placement Tests for each child now and record the level placements on each child’s “Individual Courses” page.

Step 4: Choose Courses for Each Child

Next, choose language arts, math, handwriting, and
electives for each child. Language arts and math should be chosen based on the Placement Test results. Other course choices are more flexible. See the two-page Age/Level Guide on pages 5 & 6 for recommendations. Visit our curriculum pages on our website to see samples and learn more about what is taught in each course and level.

Choose your Language Arts Courses
Choose Your Handwriting Courses
Choose Your Electives
Choose Courses for Littles
Choose Your High School Course

Step 5: Choose Good Literature

Choose a collection of books at or around your child’s reading level from The Good and the Beautiful Library and The Good and the Beautiful Book List for daily independent reading. The number of books suggested to start your school year varies by age, but 10–15 books is a good start. These books are also great to use for family read-aloud time.

Record your book selection on the “Library Book Picks” list.

Visit The Good and the Beautiful Library

Visit The Good and the Beautiful Library found at where you will find more than 200 original works and republished hard-to-find titles.

Download The Good and the Beautiful Book list FREE

Download our FREE Book List found at It is packed with details for more than 700 book recommendations for all reading levels. These books can be found in The Good and the Beautiful library, at your local library, or online.

Step 6: Place Your Order

Place your order at Reference your completed shopping checklists as you select all items you need for your family.

Double-check your cart to make sure all items are correct. Many of our courses are offered in both a print and PDF version. Check to ensure all courses are in the format you would like. PDFs and MP3s are final sale and cannot be refunded, exchanged, or cancelled.

Log in to your account or create an account at the time of ordering so your order appears in your account’s order history.

After your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email including links to any PDF or MP3 downloads included with your purchase. Email updates including tracking information will be sent as your order completes the shipment process.

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Step 7: Start Your Courses

I received my order from The Good and the Beautiful, and I am now ready to get started.

Step 8: Free Resources

Finally, did you know we offer many free resources?
Our three YouTube channels are filled with science videos to accompany our science units; learning videos that explore letters, numbers, nature, and music; and videos with tips and ideas for parents and teachers to make teaching at home easier. Other free resources are our Storytime, Book List, and Blog websites. Go to for links to all of these FREE resources!