Beginner Books Box A


Completely worth it

5.0 rating
December 17, 2020

I have Beginner Sets A-D, and every time I use a set I am happy that I bought these books. At first I was reluctant to buy books for reading practice–why not just use the library? Unfortunately it’s difficult for us to find beginner level books like this at the library in large numbers. I’m happy to have these on hand so that we can level up when each child is ready to practice new phonics skills or to give to my children during their independent reading time each day. Of course we practice with other reading material as well, but these have been a valuable resource.


Wonderful Books!

5.0 rating
November 12, 2020

These books are great for early readers and building confidence in reading. They have been an amazing tool for my first grader. After completing public kindergarten where he was considered “on grade level” he was still very inconsistent with reading. We took a step back and began with the Box A books. His reading and confidence has improved greatly!



5.0 rating
October 28, 2020

Very pleased. I really liked that the pictures don’t give away what the words say. The level is perfect for a beginner reader and has given my son some confidence getting going. At first we started with one book a day and now he likes to read all ten in one sitting. I like that they pushed him at first but they were easily mastered with out any frustration.


Short and Perfect for beginner readers

5.0 rating
October 17, 2020

We started with the BOB books but the illustrations drove me mad being all scribbled and unattractive. The kids somewhat enjoyed them but it was more of a plodding through learning to read. Then we began TGBT curriculum and these books are awesome. yes, they are like pamplets but they are simple and sweet with beautiful illustrations that grab my kids attention. My 4yo has mastered the beginner a&b books and it has made him so proud to be able to read to his bigger sister. I’ve been happy with my purchase and am now working through the c&d bundles with my youngest. The readers have helped him so much he is now grabbing the level 1s and reading those too (with a little help).


My Pandemic Kindergartener was behind, Not anymore!

5.0 rating
October 8, 2020

These books helped me catch up my pandemic kindergartner where she needed to be, we practiced some over the summer, then started with these the first month of 1st grade and she has finished all 10 in the first month. They are super basic, which is needed for beginners but are different than the usual Pat sat on the cat route. On to set B for us!

Stacey Taylor
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This adorable box set of ten Beginner Books is the perfect confidence-builder for children who know the sounds of the letters and are ready to start reading.

With only simple 2-3 letter words and a short set of sight words listed at the front of each book, children will feel joy in their ability to read and understand each fun story.

These books are perfect for children who have just completed the Level K Primer course or are working on the Level K language arts course.   They are highly suggested to complete the Level K course. Complete the full Beginner Books Set by adding Beginner Books Box B, Beginner Books Box C, and Beginner Books Box D.

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