by Florence Wightman Rowland

A Boy Growing Up Without Books

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

Juddie lives in the Canadian wilderness with his family. While he would love to attend school, it is simply too far away. He learns to do many wonderful things as days pass, but not how to read. In the end, the opportunity to learn comes as an unexpected Christmas gift.

Tristan RowLee
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Level 5

Juddie lay for a while staring up at the twinkling stars overhead. Spread thickly across the dark, clear heavens, they looked close enough to touch. “Someday,” Juddie thought, “when I can read, I’ll find out more about the stars from books.” Ever since Juddie can remember, he has wanted to learn how to read and write. The nearest school, however, is many miles away, and Pa needs Juddie to help work their farm. With wonderful, vivid writing, Florence Wightman Rowland tells a heart-warming story that explores the adventures of a hard-working, lively young man growing up in the Canadian Rockies during the mid-1900s.

Juddie was a favorite book of our editing team. We are delighted to bring back to the world this literary gem for young readers.”—Jenny Phillips

171 pages

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