Mary Ellen Boxed Set

by May Justus
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Level 6

These heartwarming stories from the Tennessee mountains highlight the triumphs and trials of Mary Ellen Morrison, her Granny Allen, and all their dear friends and neighbors over the course of two school years. In that time, Mary Ellen, a kind and generous child, becomes a gracious and capable young woman as she works hard to help support herself and Granny Allen.

Mary Ellen

She had lived here on Far-Side all her life. She had never crossed over the mountain to Near-Side where granny lived, … but she knew the world was bigger, … and now she was going! Tomorrow! How happy, how excited she was! 

When Granny Allen sends word that she needs some help for the winter, ten-year-old Mary Ellen, the middle child of seven, is just the girl for the job. Although she has never been away from home, Mary Ellen is excited for the chance to attend a large school, meet new friends, and experience life in a bigger town. Mary Ellen’s adventures and new experiences help deepen her relationship with Granny Allen, as well as strengthen her courage to pursue her dreams.

92 pages

Here Comes Mary Ellen

Now was her chance to go back. The Mission school had already started, but she could study hard and make up all she had missed, … and Miss Ellison, the teacher, … knew all about Mary Ellen’s big hope that someday she herself would be a teacher.

Mary Ellen is back and ready to start another year of school in Near-Side. Leaving her family in Far-Side, she returns to live in Granny Allen’s cabin. There she will learn to face troubles head-on and confront her own weaknesses as she grows one year closer to becoming the teacher she has always wanted to be.

96 pages

With a passion for reading, a heart for service, and a mind for sharing, author May Justus was the ideal advocate of good juvenile literature in rural Appalachia. She dedicated her life to providing wholesome books and quality education for children; in the process, she wrote a beautiful array of children’s books sure to be cherished for many years to come.

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