My First Nature Reader


Great collection of beginner readers!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 23, 2022

We loves this collection of books for early readers. The illustrations are beautiful, there is a good variety of site words, cvc words, and easy to decode words. This is perfect for my 6 year old who is beginning to read independently. Id definitely say it’s meant for K-1 grade, and to help boost their reading confidence. Love the nature aspect too.

I’m glad I got the second set too!


So cute and love the hard bound

Rated 5 out of 5
June 28, 2022

We received this in the mail last week and my son was wanting to read something for the very first time (I’ve been doing a summer reading thing with him and he will be in kindergarten this fall). The quality of the book, the beautiful illustrations, and the right level of words for a brand new reader make this book a real winner. I genuinely enjoyed my son reading this book to me and I plan to pick up the other editions of the nature readers soon.

*request for more hard cover books please! I would pay a bit more to have a hard cover of a picture book.


Response from The Good and the Beautiful

Thank you for your review, Joelle! We’re so glad your son is enjoying the book! The Nature Readers are a great addition to their corresponding courses and really help to reinforce concepts learned. You can find more hardcover, illustrated books on our website, including all of our Silver and Gold Tales, designed for children in levels 1 and 2. You’ll also find that our Nature Readers (both Birds and Insects & Arachnids) are bound with a hardcover as well as a few others, including The Flower Study, Anne Marie’s Reading Adventure, Sue In All Seasons, and A Basket of Plumbs. Search our website for more as they are mixed throughout our Library!

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My First Nature Reader includes 20 short books for brand-new readers. Each book focuses on one or two phonics concepts or groups of kindergarten sight words.

172 pages, hardcover with fabric bookmark, full color

The Good and the Beautiful My First Readers are designed to give the child extra independent reading practice at exactly the level the child is on, which boosts confidence and makes reading less overwhelming and a more enjoyable and positive experience. 

These wonderful books to read for beginners are not integrated with this course, but all the My First Readers follow the exact scope and sequence of the Reading Booster A Cards. For example, Story #11 in the My First Nature Reader covers ending consonant blends and avoids any concepts the child has not learned yet. 

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Note: The My Second Readers correlate with the Reading Booster B Cards. The My Third Readers correlate with the Reading Booster C Cards.

My First Nature Reader is also available in PDF format by clicking here.