My Third Nature Reader

Level 2

PDF for on screen viewing

Note: This download is best viewed on a screen and is not formatted for at-home printing.

My Third Nature Reader includes 20 short stories for beginning readers at a second-grade reading level. Each story focuses on one or two phonics concepts or a group of sight words. My Third Nature Reader follows the exact scope and sequence of the Reading Booster C Cards, which are integrated into the Level 2 Language Arts Course Set. For example, Story #16 in the My Third Nature Reader covers the phonics concept OUR and OUGH that correlates with a reading booster card, and avoids any concepts the child has not learned yet.

  • 182 pages
  • Full color

My Third Nature Reader is not integrated into the language arts course, but is designed to give the child extra independent reading practice at exactly the level the child is on. The Good and the Beautiful’s wonderful readers boost confidence and makes reading less overwhelming and a more enjoyable and positive experience.

Note: My First Readers correlate with the Reading Booster A Cards. My Second Nature Reader correlates with the Reading Booster B Cards.

My Third Nature Reader is also available in hardcover physical format by clicking here.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

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