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Discover the incredible beauty and purpose of the plants that fill our earth. Through easy, hands-on experiments and vibrant lessons, children will learn to see God’s magnificent hand in the world that surrounds them. This 94-page unit will help your child learn about the diversity, beauty, and function of plants. Lesson extensions throughout the unit provide added learning for grades 7-8. The book Trees and Their World available below is suggested to expand learning.

Lesson 1 – What is Botany?
Lesson 2 – The Life Cycle of a Plant
Lesson 3 – Parts of a Plant
Lesson 4 – Seeds
Lesson 5 – Flowers: Part 1
Lesson 6 – Flowers: Part 2
Lesson 7 – Leaves
Lesson 8 – Photosynthesis
Lesson 9 – Plant Cells
Lesson 10 – Plant Classification
Lesson 11 – Growing Plants
Lesson 12 – Trees
Lesson 13 – Poisonous and Carnivorous Plants

Supplemental Resources

Trees and Their World by Carroll Lane Fenton & Dorothy Constance Pallas


“KEYOO, keyoo!” a sapsucker called as he flew through the woods. Soon he alighted on the trunk of a sugar maple. The maple stood at the edge of a pasture. Its trunk, therefore, was not very tall, and its branches spread upward in all directions.

Trees and Their World takes readers on a unique journey from the forest to the swamp. This beautiful book exposes the fascinating inner workings of what are sometimes considered plain, ordinary trees. In a relatable storytelling fashion, with rich vocabulary and beautiful illustrations, readers learn about the inner workings of trees from leaf tip to root end and are given visual glimpses of the often overlooked beauty and details of these wonderful creations and of the world around them.

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