The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan

by Rita Ritchie
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Level 8

“You know this is forbidden,” Cephas warned.

“I know,” Jalair said, his throat suddenly dry.

Where the design had come from and what it meant, Jalair could not tell. It was a picture that had been in his mind all his life. He called it the Golden Hawk, in honor of the real Golden Hawks he had never seen, though he was determined to recover the strain someday.

Young Jalair yearns to recover the Golden Hawks that were stolen from his father. His grandfather has different plans for his future, and hawks are not a part of it. When Jalair escapes to the land of the Mongols in search of his father’s hawks, he has no idea how much he will learn from the adventures that await him.

“Adventure is combined with a complex plot in this historical novel set during the Mongol Empire. This book is a wonderful literary gem.”–Jenny Phillips

208 pages

This book is a suggested read-aloud for the History Year 2 course.

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