When the Dikes Broke

by Alta Halverson Seymour

Cute book

5.0 rating
December 30, 2019

We enjoyed reading this. The story line is cute and it fast paced enough to keep the kids attention. It has good morals of working together and caring about each other.


Adventurous historical fiction

5.0 rating
December 20, 2019

I just read this to my kids (10, 8, and 7), and we all really enjoyed it! So many good morals- the family and community working together, hard work, determination, optimism. My favorite quotes:
“I remember once when Dirk was very small and he was trying to move a good-sized table. I said to him, ‘You can’t move that, boy. It’s as big as you are.’ And he said, ‘Yes I can. I’m as big as it is.’ This job we have on our hands is big, but let’s hope we’re as big as the job.”
“…it isn’t so important what’s on the table as who’s in the chairs.”
“We’ll manage to work together. Yes, that’s what we’ve been doing-all through the flood-all through the country. It’s how we’re pulling ourselves out of the mud.”

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Level 8

Everyone knew that a tile roof was a precarious perch. Everyone saw, too, that the steadily rising water had reached a corner of the attic floor near the stairway and was beginning to spread, slowly but surely, toward them.

Based on the great flood that swept over Holland in 1953, the gripping story When the Dikes Broke follows the tale of the van Rossem family as they are awakened by sirens and the clanging of church bells and soon realize that the dikes have broken. As the water rises to their roof, the family is separated, and a desperate and daring search is set in place for those who have been swept away. This adventurous story is packed with educational and moral value.

116 pages

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