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Our third grade courses are easy and fun to teach! Here’s what your third grader needs to have a successful year.

Language Arts

Level 3 Language Arts Course Set

Sample Pages

Level 3 Course Book, Spelling Practice Book, and the Phonics Read-Together Books Set 


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Through careful design, so much good and beautiful learning takes place in the 120 parent-led lessons in the Level 3 Language Arts course. Lessons are engaging for children and academically robust while also optimized to reduce parent teaching time. In just a small amount of time each day, children learn foundational language arts subjects including phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar and punctuation, literature, art, poetry memorization and appreciation, and geography. All of this is taught in gentle, natural, and enjoyable ways for the child.
Highlights of this updated edition include:
  • A fun and effective spelling program that teaches spelling rules, spelling principles, spelling patterns, commonly misspelled, words, and more.
  • Our special scaffolding approach to writing meets children where they really are and makes writing achievable. The writing projects are fun and correlated with what the child is learning in art, literature, and geography. It is also our goal to build strong writers without making them melt down or push back with every writing assignment, as so many kids do at this age.
  • Optional videos are included in many lessons. You can use a video to replace the lesson if you don’t want to teach it or need a break. Or you can use the video to reinforce or extend the short lesson.
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The Language Arts Level 3 Course Set includes the Level 3 Course Book, Spelling Practice Book, and the Phonics Read-Together Books Set. 
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Math 3 Course Set

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Math 3 Course Book, Math 3 Box


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Simply Good and Beautiful Math 3 was created to provide a perfect balance of enjoyable learning along with the development of a strong math foundation. The Math 3 parent-led lessons are just the right length for young learners and contain fun games and activities, the highest academic standards, diversity, and connected learning. Each unit also explores two different geographical locations, immersing children in the culture of different areas as they learn related math concepts. Our pilot families could not believe how much their child learned and the way that math is seamlessly linked to real life in engaging and meaningful ways. 

The course set includes the Math 3 Course Book and the Math 3 Box which contains colorful wooden components that bring hands-on learning and fun to the simple open-and-go lessons.

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Handwriting Workbook Level 3

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8.5″x11″ black and white, spiral bound workbook


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85% of the Handwriting Level 3 course focuses on teaching cursive with a unique colored dot system developed by Jenny Phillips. All the child has to do is follow the colored dots in order of the rainbow. This technique makes it easy for children to correctly learn cursive with little to no help from parents. About 15% of the course focuses on cementing correct print formation.

The images, artwork, and words used in this handwriting course are all designed to connect children to the good and the beautiful: family, faith, high moral character, and the wonders and beauty of nature and human life.

The course also exposes children to poetry, Bible verses, grammar rules, alphabetizing, and drawing.

This workbook includes 100 lessons, which is 3–4 lessons per week for a normal school year.

Handwriting 3 is side-bound.

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