Introduction to Energy


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A brand new Energy science unit is being developed! In this can’t-miss unit, our Introduction to Energy and Energy: Heat, Light, & Sound units are being combined with additional lessons covering electricity and magnetism! New lessons will be available as a free, limited-time download after release, ensuring anyone who previously purchased the units will have access to updated information.

Help your young scientists’ minds come alive as they learn what energy is and how it is applied in their everyday lives. Written from a Christian, Bible-based point of view, the course goal is that children will gain a greater appreciation for the natural laws God organized upon this earth. Involving both interesting lessons and hands-on experiments, this is a must-have curriculum for your home school classroom. This 75-page unit is written as an introduction and overview of energy subjects. It is suggested as a prerequisite to the physics units in The Good & the Beautiful curriculum: Heat and Light, Sound, Gravity, Forces and Motion, Simple Machines, Electricity, and Magnetism (which are coming in the future). The unit also includes a 19-page extension for grades 7–8.

Lesson 1 – What Is Energy?
Lesson 2 – Atoms, Molecules, and Forms of Energy
Lesson 3 – Forms of Energy: Experiments
Lesson 4 – The Transfer of Energy
Lesson 5 – Potential and Kinetic Energy
Lesson 6 – Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

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