Wonders of Energy Read-Aloud Book Pack


Two full color, illustrated books, are included in the optional Wonders of Energy Read-Aloud Book Pack. These beautiful biographies immerse your children in the lives of two famous scientists enhance your study of energy and are designed for all ages.

Experience the joy of discovery while reading about Michael Faraday, a pioneer in the science of electromagnetism in The Spark by Shannen Yauger (22 pages, 11″x8.5″)

Discover the world of locomotion through the inspiring story of a young African-American train engineer and inventor in The Amazing Mind of Granville Woods by Maggie Felsch (17 pages, 11″x8.5″)

These books are both published by The Good and the Beautiful and are designed to appeal to children in grades K–8. Lessons will prompt students to read these optional books, but they are not integrated into the lessons.

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