Make Your Own Constellations

Make your own constellation in this fun activity, found in the Space Science unit from The Good and the Beautiful! Here’s an inside look at our easy-to-teach, family-style, and much-loved homeschool Space Science course!

Space Science

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In Lesson 3 students learn what a constellation is, view different constellations online or in the night sky, and also learn to recognize the most famous constellations.

The interactive portion of this lesson includes two fun, easy-to-do activities. The first, shares how to make your own constellations and the other teaches students how to make a homemade telescope! You can start one of them now though, with this simple space activity from The Good and the Beautiful.

Marshmallow Big Dipper (and other constellations)

Materials Needed: 

  • Marshmallows or small balls of play dough
  • Toothpicks 

Directions: Make a Big Dipper model using 7 toothpicks and 7 marshmallows by following the example below. 

Then, create these additional constellation models using 8 marshmallows and 7 toothpicks!


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  • Nicki Fisher

    So cool! Can’t wait!

  • Nicki Fisher

    Love this! I can’t wait to try this curriculum out

  • Safeena

    Hello. This is awesome, I have many of your units and this one would be a welcome addition. How do I get the free pdf?

  • Brooke

    This is awesome! Can’t wait!

  • alex

    We are currently on the last lesson of Space Science and all my kids have really enjoyed learning and doing the projects. Wonderful curriculum! My 3 year old is totally into all things space because of The Good and The Beautiful!! THANK YOU!