Unique Ways to Celebrate the End of a Homeschool Year

Whether it’s your first year homeschooling or your last, coming to the end of a school year or course book is an exciting accomplishment for both parent and student! We’ve thought of some unique (and fun ways) to help you celebrate homeschool success. Plus, free printable Certificates of Completion below!

Have a party (homeschool style) 

An end-of-year celebration may sound traditional, but is always a lot of fun. Think outside of the box to make your celebration unique. What about a breakfast party? Or a s’mores party? Does your family like movies in the backyard or doing crafts together? There are many ways to celebrate homeschool in a special way!

Make a summer bucket list (and check one off!) 

A summer bucket list has become popular in recent years, and we think it’s not only a great way to kick off summer, but also to celebrate homeschool accomplishments. Get the family together and make your summer bucket list, but then cross one off right away to commemorate the end of the year and the beginning of summer fun! 

Celebrate your homeschool year with new traditions!

Make new traditions

For new homeschool families, borrowing end-of-year traditions from their previous schools can be an exciting way to mark a new grade level. It’s easy to start new traditions at home! Did your school always have tie-dye day or a spring carnival? Maybe a picnic or special meal? These and other traditions are so easy to pull off at home, and really make your children feel excited about their new homeschool lifestyle. 

Capture the memories

Have children write (or draw for younger students) their favorite memories of the year and reflect on why those memories are special. If the thoughts are memories of challenging times, what did they learn? Did you have any fun adventures or experiences? What subjects were the most exciting? Which ones were the most difficult? Make a collage as a family on a large piece of posterboard, or simply have each child document their own memories, even add them to a memory box or time capsule to bury in the yard! 

This same activity is great for parents, too. It’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned in your role as a homeschool teacher. How about saving these in a special box or album? Or if that’s not your thing, gather the family around a campfire and share the memories as each person throws their notes into the fire. What a beautiful way to show gratitude to the past, and look forward to the future! 

Cherish your homeschool memories! 

Count your blessings

What are you grateful about in your homeschool journey? What are the children grateful for? Any homeschool parent knows there are some days it’s just hard to see the good, but we also know the benefits and blessings of seeing our children grow and learn and being together as a family. The flexibility of homeschool life makes all those days worth it. 

A meaningful activity to celebrate a homeschool year is to count your blessings. Order pizza and bake a special treat, then take time to be together. Ask questions such as these: What do you love about homeschooling? How has it changed our family? How has it opened our eyes and hearts to God’s will in our lives? What can we do better? What made this year great? 

We hope these have sparked some ideas and creativity for ways you can make the end of school special in your homeschool! 

You did it! Celebrate homeschool success!

Make sure to download and print our updated Certificates of Completion (link below) with design options for all ages! Then share your pics to [email protected] or tag us on social media platforms (@thegoodandthebeautiful) for a chance to win a gift certificate to our online store. 

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  • Sandra Doan

    Since we have more than one child and it is a Luxury to have ono in one time with each child, I made a tradition to give a child a gift after finishing his/ her language arts or math curriculum- a day out. I take that child out for a day and we do whatever he or she wants. This weekend my son ( 7) and I are going to spend a weekend by the sea.

  • Michelle

    I love these end of the year completion certificates! TGTB has been such a blessing to our LA curriculum. It was our first year using it with my kids who are 10 and 12 and I loved the depth of it! I can’t wait till I print these out for them! I know it’ll add that special flair to their hard working year!~

  • Would love to see fun ideas to begin the school year!

  • the.sunshine.schoolers

    I love that you offer certificates to help families celebrate! I saw a mom take photos of her children’s artwork and print in a photo album. Such a great idea to preserve memories!

  • Ivory Phillips

    Love these free printable certificates and so do my kids! Thank you!!