Kindergarten Sight Words

Kindergarten sight words are words that a child learns to recognize in their whole forms rather than sounding them out. These words appear frequently in texts or are difficult to decode. Some reading programs emphasize sight words more than others.

The Good and the Beautiful kindergarten sight words are taught throughout our Level K Language Arts Reading Booster A program, which can be used separately from the course.

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This post shares common kindergarten sight word lists, as well as flashcards and posters, and weighs the pros and cons of focusing on sight-word memorization versus teaching phonics.

The Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten Sight Word List

The Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten Sight Words list is a select number of targeted words for early readers most helpful to children in kindergarten level.

Download a free The Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten Sight Words poster and flashcards plus activities!

Kindergarten sight words games

Other Helpful Sight Word Lists

Dolch Sight Words List

Perhaps the most common lists of words contain Dolch sight words, which are a set of 220 sight words first developed in the 1930s and grouped by grade level.

Download a free Dolch Kindergarten Sight Words poster!

Fry Sight Words List

First created by Dr. Edward Fry in the 1950s and updated in 1980, this list includes the most frequently used words in reading materials for children.

Download a free Fry Kindergarten Sight Words poster!

Should Children Memorize Sight Words? 

Pros of Memorizing Sight WordsIf the most frequently used words in texts are memorized and the child doesn’t have to take time to stop and decode the words, the child can read more quickly and pleasantly.
Cons of Memorizing Sight WordsMost of the Dolch and Fry kindergarten sight words can be decoded easily. 

Children have only a certain amount of time to learn each day. Memorizing words can be just as hard and take just as long as learning to decode the words. Time spent memorizing high-frequency words can instead be applied to a good phonics program that teaches the child how to decode and read those words, as well as many others.
The Good and the Beautiful Philosophy on Kindergarten Sight WordsThe Good and the Beautiful, one of the most widely used homeschool curriculum programs, focuses on phonics while having kindergarteners memorize a short list of the highest-frequency words and words that can’t be decoded easily. This method has proven successful with tens of thousands of children using The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Courses.

A little bit of practice each day goes a long way—consistency is the key. Practice sight words daily if possible, but don’t introduce too many at once. Younger children do best with four to eight sight words at a time.

Teaching sight words can be easy and fun with the simple practice ideas found in our free activity download.

Kindergarten sight word games
Kindergarten sight word games

Find these games and more in this free sight words activity packet. Click the button below to download.

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  • Larisa

    I downloaded this last year (2021) but now we will be using the newly revised Kindergarten LA course (2022) … does the list of Level K Sight Words remain the same? Thank you!

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your interest, Larisa! The list of sight words has changed from the prior edition. While some words have remained the same, others have been replaced. We hope you enjoy the free activity packet!

  • Hi! I scrolled through the comments and I see where someone else asked about the directions sheets for the games. I’m looking at the Kindergarten sight word download and I don’t see any instructions on page 5. Help? Thanks!

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for reaching out, Katrina! The link was updated; instructions can be found on page 2. We hope you love the games and activities!

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    Love these

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    So happy to see sight words activities to complement the curriculum! These will keep my kinder engaged.

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    Love these ideas! We are enjoying this curriculum!