Science for Little Hearts and Hands: Activities

Science for Little Hearts and Hands is a gentle introduction to exploring God’s amazing creation. Learn about bees, trees, and so much more! Families love the fun, interactive science activities for preschoolers through second grade.

Scroll down for links to each blog post with free printable activities referenced in the Science for Little Hearts and Hands Parent Guide.

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  • Christine

    This looks like a great compliment for our outdoor adventures. However, I’m wondering how religious based it is? I don’t mind that being a part of it, but I’m not really looking for religious studies currently, I’m looking for nature studies and don’t want to buy a book that has less nature stuff because it has a bunch of religious studies mixed in. I’d rather have my studies books focused on the topic I’m buying for if that makes sense! Thanks!

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your interest, Christine! Nearly all of our products include religious material, but they are not intended to teach religion. We do offer a list of courses that are completely non-religious; you can find that list here: Religious/Non-Religious Document

      From feedback from other families seeking non-religious material, these items tend to be the easiest to take the religious content out as you are using them: Nature Notebook, Math, and Language Arts. Science is a little harder, and History is even harder. We have a very strict refund policy, so please view the extensive samples and course flip through videos we offer on our website before purchasing.

  • Stephanie Catanzaro

    We love this curriculum. The stories are so fun! I love teaching science through stories, I think it was a brilliant idea. We’ve loved it so far and just wish there were more lessons so we could enjoy it longer.

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your support, Stephanie! Fields and Flowers was the first in the Little Hearts and Hands series. There are more Little Hearts and Hands courses on the way. Stay tuned for additional information!

  • Yoli

    We love how easy these are. The kids are really enjoying the stories and videos. However I do wish we had a workbook to compliment the lessons. We just finished the wildflowers lesson and it left me feeling like it was missing a little something. Maybe a page where you can classify and name or label different wildflowers, or a coloring sheet. I really have no complaints, this is just a suggestion. I really think it would help them retain the information a bit better. Either way I am thankful for this amazing curriculum. We can absolutely work around this. God bless this entire team.

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion! We’re so glad to hear that you are enjoying the course and appreciate the time you took to share your feedback.

  • Shannon Smith

    This has been such an amazing book for our family. We love it so much! I’m looking forward to the next one.

  • I’m wasting the whole morning trying to find the movie time videos for little hearts and hands
    This is very annoying

    • Customer Support

      We hope you are enjoying the Science for Little Hearts and Hands: Fields and Flowers course! The information for accessing the videos for Science for Little Hearts and Hands is found on page 5 of your Parent Guide. The website is goodandbeautiful.com/heartsandhands/. Once there you will need to enter the password that is found on page 5. You can also access the features on our free Homeschool App.