Don't Quit After One Year Homeschool Help Header
July 14, 2022 19 comments

Homeschool Help: Don’t Quit After One Year

Be encouraged to not quit homeschooling after one year in this blog and new video.
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Illustrated Banner for Summer Bucket List Blog Post
June 08, 2021 8 comments

100 Fun and Easy Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

100 Summer Bucket List ideas and free printable to write your own!
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Banner for Homeschool and Socialization Blog Post
October 21, 2019 14 comments

Homeschool and Socialization

Homeschooling is a powerful way to mold respectful, confident, happy children.
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50 Ways to Teach Social Skills to Homeschoolers Blog Post Header with wildflowers
October 21, 2019 20 comments

50 Ways to Teach Social Skills to Homeschoolers

Wondering how to socialize homeschoolers? Read more for encouragement, as well as practical ideas for socialization!
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