The Good and the Beautiful 2020 Convention Announcement

As our community becomes even larger and more widespread, we have felt the need to focus our efforts on materials and inspiration that can reach all families, no matter their location. We are sad to announce that we will not be holding a convention in 2020.

Our convention tickets have sold out each year. However, we have evaluated the huge amount of time, energy, and money that goes into our annual convention, which can only reach 300–400 people and has never turned a profit. We have decided that our resources of time, energy, and money can be put to use in ways that can benefit ALL Good and Beautiful users—the hundreds of thousands of you!

In addition to providing support and inspiration on our  new blog and on our YouTube channel, the time and resources we are freeing up have already allowed us to jump into some exciting new programs and products that we will be announcing in the future. Will we have conventions in the future? Maybe! We will continue to evaluate ways to connect The Good and the Beautiful family and offer our support.