About Us

Who We Are

Jenny Phillips, creator and owner of The Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum, began the unexpected journey from musician to homeschool mom when she became concerned about the literature her children were reading.

After spending hours and hours researching available language arts resources, she hadn’t found what she was looking for: a comprehensive program that was academically strong and included writing, grammar, spelling, nature, God, and wholesome books, while also being a powerful, character-building, and beautiful experience for both parents and children. 

With a degree in English and a passion for good literature, as well as experience in professional writing, magazine editing, and managing a technical-writing department, Jenny was up to the task of creating a language arts curriculum for her children that met all of her requirements.

She wrote the first language arts editions without any intention of selling them or creating a company; they were for her family’s use. 

After Jenny was inspired to offer her language arts courses as free downloads online, families found the joy and power that these courses offered, and The Good and the Beautiful was born. Now, The Good and the Beautiful has grown into a large, diverse group of talented writers and creators all over the world who share Jenny’s vision.

Hundreds of thousands of families use the curriculum today, and the subjects offered have expanded to include math, science, history, handwriting, electives, reading books, and more!

The Good and the Beautiful language arts is still at the core of the company and has become the most searched-for homeschool language arts curriculum in the world.

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What We Do

The Good and the Beautiful is leading a movement to return children to a love of wholesome literature that strengthens families and that creates beautiful hearts and minds.

If we were to explain our approach in two words, those two words would be 


  • What works to make learning joyful?
  • What works in teaching strong academics?
  • What works to help children become good writers and good thinkers?
  • What works to help children appreciate wholesome, top-quality literature?
  • What works to bring children closer to God and to their families?

The answers to these questions drive how we form our curriculum.

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Graphic 5 pillars of homeschool curriculum
Graphic Pillar 1

Homeschool is not just about checking off all the subjects to be taught each day—it’s about shaping children’s hearts and minds and, above all, leading them closer to God. Thus, our nondenominational Christian curriculum is rich with nature, beautiful art, and literature that supports faith, character building, and strong families.

Graphic Pillar 2

Learning should be fun and creative while ALSO being academically solid and thorough. Our intentional and planned curriculum is thorough and academically robust, leaving no holes in your child’s academic foundation.

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You do not need teaching experience or knowledge to give your child a strong academic education. Our lessons are open-and-go, and we maximize learning by teaching multiple concepts in each activity or lesson, reducing busywork and teaching time so that you and your child have time for the many other opportunities that homeschooling brings.

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All of our thorough, high-quality K-8 math and language arts courses are free to download or inexpensive to purchase. Many homeschooling families switching to The Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum find that they save over $2,000 a year compared to other popular homeschool curriculum companies.

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In short, we focus not on one educational philosophy but rather on what works! Because our curriculum is so balanced and does not lean toward any extremes in homeschooling, hundreds of thousands of families with different views on education have found The Good and the Beautiful to be a wonderful match for their homeschools.

Join us in our mission as we make faith-based homeschooling easy and inexpensive and help children learn to recognize, appreciate, and seek out what is good and beautiful in literature, learning, and life.

Visit our Get Started page to learn more about each of the subjects that we offer and to download our free curriculum today!