The Good and the Beautiful Story Time
February 08, 2023 204 comments

The Good and the Beautiful Storytime

Read the Storytime books used in the Language Arts curriculum here. And find other narrated stories and audio books on our Kids Youtube Channel.
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The Lion and the Mouse Blog Post
September 21, 2022 62 comments

The Lion and the Mouse

Enjoy this retelling of the classic Aesop’s fable, “The Lion and the Mouse,” from The Good and the Beautiful Kids YouTube Channel. Watch & Listen: The Lion and the Mouse...
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Banner Printable Bookmarks Blog Post 2A
November 24, 2021 148 comments

Printable Bookmarks

Free bookmarks, with two to color! Learn about good books and why they matter.
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Banner My Daughter's Story Blog Post
November 14, 2019 9 comments

My Daughter’s Story

Join Jenny Phillips as she shares her daughter’s inspiring story.
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Photograph of Middle School Aged Boy Reading
October 07, 2019 25 comments

How to Get Children Interested in Good and Beautiful Books

Choosing good books and helping your children develop a love for truly enriching literature doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Don't miss this post filled with helpful tips, resources, and inspiration.
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Banner How Books Have Changed Over the Past Century Blog Post
October 07, 2019 12 comments

How Books Have Changed in the Past Century

Are popular books today actually harming academics? Are your children really gaining benefits from the books they are reading? All parents and teachers need to watch this video!
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Photograph of 10 Books with the Words, "Be Brave About Books" Next to It
October 07, 2019 13 comments

Be Brave About Books

Do you really know what is in the books children are reading and how it is affecting them? Don't miss this powerful message that could literally change the course of your child’s life.
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