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Illustrated Banner for Homeschool Planning Tips
August 24, 2021 111 comments

Homeschool Planning: Simple and Smart Tips

Plan your homeschool year! Free goal-planning worksheets!
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Banner Spiral Math Why it Works
July 29, 2021 21 comments

Spiral Math: Why It Works

Learn more about spiral math and how it is used in Simply Good and Beautiful Math.
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Banner Use Kindergarten Math
July 20, 2021 8 comments

Six Reasons to Use Simply Good and Beautiful Kindergarten Math

Find out why Simply Good and Beautiful Math is perfect for kindergarten!
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Illustrated Banner for Top 10 Christian Homeschool Curriculum - 3B
July 13, 2021 43 comments

Christian Homeschool Curriculums: Top 10 Most Popular

What are most-searched Christian homeschool curriculums?
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Graphic of Subtraction Worksheets Blog Header - 1B
June 29, 2021 7 comments

Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Download and print this free packet of kindergarten subtraction worksheets!
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How to Use Games in Your Homeschool Blog
May 19, 2021 9 comments

How to Use Games in Your Homeschool

Incorporating board games into your homeschool changes up the routine and makes learning more fun! Some call it gameschooling or play-based learning, but for those who are less formal, once...
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Banner How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year -1B
December 15, 2020 18 comments

How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year

Looking to start homeschooling mid-year? This post and video will help you through the process!
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Photograph of Mother and Son Reading Together
October 07, 2019 18 comments

Why Children Excel at Reading with The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

Can your child achieve a solid reading foundation with The Good and the Beautiful curriculum? Yes! It’s one of the things people like most about our curriculum.
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