Why and How to Connect Kids to Nature

Did you know that children are spending half the amount of time outdoors than they did 20 years ago and that they are suffering mentally, physically, and academically because of it? You won’t believe what nature can do for your children! This video will show you why and how to incorporate nature into your homeschool no matter where you live. 

Join Maggie Felsch, Vice President of Curriculum Development at The Good and the Beautiful, as she offers powerful insight into the benefits of nature, along with simple, innovative real-world examples and advice. 

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  • RaNae

    First…love where you live! So beautiful! Second, what trail finding app do you use? Thanks!

    • Maggie

      RaNae, Thank you! I use the AllTrails app.

  • Jennica

    This was wonderful, thank you!

  • Jenny Eller

    okay. The part where the goat is smiling while she is talking about how wonderful nature is brought a huge smile to my face, He is definitely backing up those claims. Thanks for your time and advice in these videos. The information and love and guidance are appreciated.

  • Amy

    Love this!! Thank you!!