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Storytime Books Used in Our Language Arts Curriculum

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Free Stories and Books

At The Good and the Beautiful, we want all children to experience the richness and joy of reading good books in an engaging way.

It is our hope that as children read and listen to these books, it will fill their hearts and minds with beauty and goodness.

To make it even easier for more children to access high-quality literature we have moved our original children’s content from the Storytime website to our Kids channel on YouTube as well as to our free Good and Beautiful Homeschool app. We will frequently add new content to both platforms, so be sure to subscribe and check back often.

On the Kids Channel

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On the Homeschool App

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  • Course videos
  • Audio narrations
  • Art & geography video books (used in language arts courses)
  • Math lesson videos
  • Science lesson videos
  • Shop the store
  • Reading Booster Games
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Find reading resources such as informative reading blog posts and an interactive book list of recommended books at goodandbeautifulbooklist.com.

More About Books . . .

The Good and the Beautiful Bookshop
Homeschool Book List

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  • Yanet Cornejo

    Reading the Good and Beautiful storytime books children will learn the goodness and enrich their lives

  • Abby

    We’ve loved all of the books we have from the good and the beautiful! My whole gets excited when we get more🙌🏼 we also listen to audio narrations throughout the summer. The stories always pull my kiddos in.

  • Whitley

    I love all the different options and resources TG&TB offers. All the books we have purchased have been amazing & wholesome reads. I love having the booklist to reference for new books that I know are up to our family’s standards & help us reach our personal goals as we strive to be more like Christ. We love TG&TB!

  • Daysi Milla

    It’s so nice to have options and im so happy that my daughter loves this curriculum, it’s nice, she’s learning so much, information I never thought she’d learned or be so interested in learning at such a young age, reading has become more of a passion of every day than a sitting down time

  • Theresa

    Thank you for these resources! We love the Good and Beautiful books, songs and videos!