Illustrated Banner for Homophones Blog Post
November 12, 2021 6 comments

What Is a Homophone?

Homophone definition: Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We use homophones in our daily conversations and see them in print all the time....
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Illustrated banner for Central America Maps
November 04, 2021 4 comments

Central America Maps

Get your printer ready for these beautiful, original Central America maps!  Central America is part of North America. It is an isthmus, a thin piece of land, that bridges North...
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Banner Tree Bark Identification Blog Post
October 28, 2021 32 comments

Tree Bark Identification

An easy way to identify types of trees is by looking at tree bark! To identify a tree, look at the color and surface texture of its bark. Learn about...
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Illustrated Banner for How to Draw a Frog
October 20, 2021 3 comments

How to Draw a Frog

Let’s learn how to draw a frog! Follow our step-by-step instructions below to draw a detailed, lifelike frog. Then be sure to download our free guide that also includes the steps...
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ABC Charts for Kids from The Good and the Beautiful
October 14, 2021 9 comments

Printable ABC Charts for Kids

Print three bright and colorful ABC charts!
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Illustrated Banner for Are Turtles Reptiles? Blog Post
October 05, 2021 1 comments

Are Turtles Reptiles?

Find out if turtles are reptiles, plus download a free activity!
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Illustrated Banner for Math in Nature Blog Post
September 28, 2021 6 comments

Math in Nature: It’s Stunning!

Math is all around us, especially in the natural world!
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Illustrated Banner for Simply Good and Beautiful Math Top Questions Answered
September 22, 2021 50 comments

Simply Good and Beautiful Homeschool Math: Top Questions Answered

We answer customer questions about Simply Good and Beautiful Math!
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Illustrated Banner for Celebrate Constitution Day
September 15, 2021 3 comments

Celebrate Constitution Day

Celebrate Constitution Day with a free US Constitution PDF!
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Graphic The Best Free Homeschool Curriculum
August 30, 2021 63 comments

The Best Free Homeschool Curriculum

What's the secret to simple, joyful homeschool days? Watch this video to hear a life-changing homeschool tip.
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