Math in Nature: It’s Stunning!

Can you find math in nature? Definitely! 

Math is all around us, especially in the natural world! From tessellated honeycombs to Fibonacci sequences in shells, and from fractals in snowflakes to the detailed flight patterns of birds, math is everywhere in nature.

God created this world with mathematics designed directly into it; we can see His design through the basic rules and laws of nature. In fact, the natural world is inseparable from the mathematical world!

Math is all around us, especially in the natural world!

Why do we include nature in math lessons?

One reason is that it’s stunning! A math course doesn’t have to be a bland, black-and-white book full of numbers. It can–and should–reflect the beauty of the math concepts students are learning. Our world is beautiful! 

Just as important, nature has a calming effect on children. Students feel less stressed and more peaceful when viewing nature scenes. Using nature in math lessons is relaxing and helps them stay focused. 

Students feel less stressed and more peaceful when viewing nature scenes.

How do we include nature in math?

God is a God of order, and mathematics is part of that order. The created world declares the glory of God! 

Every Simply Good and Beautiful Math course book includes numerous examples of God’s world through beautiful images and illustrations. Many lesson examples and concepts use nature as a foundation for learning. 

Beauty and nature are woven seamlessly throughout teaching videos for Levels 4 and above. Students view gorgeous landscapes, see intricate parts of plants, watch different animals, listen to bird calls, and more throughout the lessons.

Check out Simply Good and Beautiful Math to see this beautiful pairing of math and nature. (And get out there to experience it firsthand!) Click the image below to learn more.

Homeschool Math Course Book Covers for Kindergarten to Grade 7

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  • El

    We are switching curriculum over this year because I was searching for a math my children would love instead of loathe. They love nature so I think this will be a good choice for us ❤️

  • Julia

    We love how you tie nature and math together! God’s had is truly evident in all the world around us. Thank you for all you do.

  • Amanda M

    Love the nature and Math intertwined!

  • Ashley Bushong

    Such a wonderful way to show math concepts in real life with fun and play.

  • Susie Bevington

    Love this blog post! My favorite!