How to Draw a Bird

Learn how to draw a bird! Children and adults of all ages can learn how to draw these fun, adorable birds. Follow our easy, step-by-step instructions below on how to draw a bird and an owl! All you need is a standard #2 pencil, an eraser, and sketch paper. 

Easy bird drawing:

  • Draw the bird’s body. Add tail feathers and legs.
  • Draw a half-circle inside the bottom right and a teardrop shape for a wing.
  • Add an eye and triangle beak.
  • Draw a swirl on the top of the head, and finish with dots on the bottom.

Download a free guide that includes these and two more easy bird drawings. Learn how to also draw a turkey and penguin in this short sample from the Drawing 100 Fun & Easy Birds book!  

How to Draw a Bird 

Step 1

Start by drawing the bird’s body. Make a wider head to the right and narrow tail, lower on the left. Make three loops on the left to show tail feathers. Add two straight lines for legs.

Step 2

Draw a half circle to the inside bottom right of the body, and an upside down teardrop shape for a wing.

Step 3

Add a black dot for an eye and triangle beak.

Step 4

Draw a swirl on the top of the head for a feather, and finish with little dots on the bottom half circle.

How to Draw an Owl 

Step 1

Draw the owl body and add two legs with an extra line on each side for the toes.

Step 2

Add feathers on each side of the body, and add tufts to the top of each ear.

Step 3

Draw circles for the eyes, with small circles in each. Fill in part of each inner circle, but leave a white circle as shown. Add a tail and another layer to each side feather.

Step 4

Add a beak, another layer to the side feathers, and short dashes around the body to symbolize feathers. Color and enjoy!

Learn more about the world’s smallest owl, the Elf Owl and His Ecosystem, in this book from The Good and the Beautiful Library.

Front Cover and Sample Page Elf Owl and His Ecosystem By Megan Noel

Learn More About Birds

Birds are everywhere! They live in areas ranging from the harshest, coldest climates to the hottest locations on Earth. Each of the 50 US States has adopted a representative bird, as have many countries. Birds continue to fascinate and excite people with their bright colors, interesting habits, and amazing migratory patterns. 

We have many opportunities for you to learn more about birds! The Good and the Beautiful Birds Science Unit Study has quickly become a family favorite!  

Front Covers Drawing Books Birds and Trees

The Good and the Beautiful Library includes a variety of books about birds! Click here to find a picture book of beautiful songbirds, a biography of ornithologist John J. Audubon, and an early reader about a boy and his pet bird, plus many more. 

Front Cover Josh Gets a Bird By Joseph Wiseman and Heather Wiseman - 1A
The Story of John J. Audubon by Joan Howard

Don’t forget to download our free, easy bird drawing instructions. Learn how to draw a penguin and how to draw a turkey too!  

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