Christmas Coloring Pages (& Winter Activities)

Download and print these original Christmas coloring pages from The Good and the Beautiful! Add extra joy and beauty into your home this year through these beautiful scenes.

Both children and adults will love to add color and bring our one-of-a-kind printable Christmas coloring pages to life.

Looking for other fun winter activities? We have compiled a list of “50 Winter Activities for Your Family.”

Use this list below to spark ideas for both indoor and outdoor winter projects to keep little hands and minds busy during the colder months!

Indoor Winter Activities

1. Look at snowflakes under a microscope (or look at sand if you live in hot weather). 

2. Dry orange slices, then make a garland with the oranges, cranberries, and popcorn. 

3. Have a hot-cocoa tasting day with lots of different mix-ins. 

4. Find fun snowflake patterns online to cut out.

5. Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside.

6. Paint along with a Bob Ross winter scene.

7. Host a family board game tournament night (with or without friends). 

8. Host a Minute-to-Win-It party. 

9. Have a reading day with cozy blankets.

10. Camp out by the fireplace (or a video of a fireplace).

11. Sing Christmas carols at a local retirement community.

12. Make homemade Christmas ornaments.

13. Decorate gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house.

14. Make scratch-off cards.

15. Paint designs on your windows with a mix of washable paint and liquid soap.

16. Predict and then track the weather for a week or more.

17. Build an igloo out of marshmallows or sugar cubes.

18. Find and paint pine cones or dip them in glue and glitter.

19. Make a paper chain counting down the days until spring.

20. Learn how to make origami.

21. Learn to cook or bake something new.

22. Make a family tree and tell stories about previous generations.

23. Have a movie marathon weekend.

24. Learn to crochet or knit.

25. Make family New Year’s goals.

26. Make up new lyrics for well-known songs.

27. Color our printable Christmas coloring pages.

Outdoor Winter Activities

28. Plant winter vegetables

29. Go sledding or swimming.

30. Have a snowball fight (real or with bunched-up paper balls or socks).

31. Try ice skating (outside or at an indoor rink).

32. Identify animal tracks in nature.

33. Take a winter hike as a family, noticing the change in season.

34. Take a drive to see Christmas lights.

35. Make a frozen globe by filling a balloon with water and freezing it.

36. Go birdwatching and track your findings in our Birdwatching Notebook.

37. Build a fort outside with snow or inside with blankets.

38. Drop off secret gifts at other people’s houses—ring the doorbell and run!

39. Play dogsled in the snow or with a wagon.

40. Give homemade cards to local community helpers (police, firefighters, etc.).

41. Spell giant words in the snow or sand using your footprints.

42. Have a beach day in winter (either at the beach or inside for pretend).

43. Go on a rock hunt! Stack them, sort them, or use this site to make beautiful pictures.

44. Find shapes and figures in the clouds.

45. Have a ski day (downhill or cross-country).

46. Make snow ice cream.

47. Spray snow with colored water or silly string.

48. Shovel snow for someone who needs help.

49. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

50. Make homemade bubbles. Blow ice bubbles outside on a non-windy day with temperatures below -10 °C (14 °F).

Next time you’re feeling blue on a cold winter day, try some of these fun winter activities! 

Download this list of “50 Winter Activities for Your Family” below. It also includes the free Christmas coloring pages, too.

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