Birdwatching Notebook


Help your children explore the feathered creatures that surround them with the Birdwatching Notebook and its one-of-a-kind games, activities, and guides. This fun resource can be downloaded as a free PDF version below or purchased in physical format above. This stunning notebook may be used along with the Birds unit or independently. Add a copy for each of your children to help foster wonder and gain knowledge about the amazing birds that fill the skies.

  • 41 pages
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Paperback, spiral-bound, 8.5″x11″

Pages do not need to be completed in order, but we recommend you look through the entire notebook before you start using it to get an idea of things to look for.

*FREE download available below.

Above purchase is for a physical, spiral-bound copy of the Birdwatching Notebook.

FREE Birdwatching Notebook Download

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