The Homeschool app is a free homeschool resource that makes it easy for parents to access all correlated content for our homeschool courses. Sign in with your account to find these things and more on the app:

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  • Art & geography video books (correlated with the new language arts courses)
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Our new Letter Tiles app integrates with lessons in the new editions of Levels K–2 Language Arts! It features a gentle design without sounds or flashing lights, so your child can focus on spelling.


Can we use the courses without the apps?

The app resources are highly recommended for Language Arts Levels K–2 to enhance learning. Pilot families, even those who do not use screens in their homes, were raving about the videos, video books, and spelling resources. Most parts of the courses can be completed without the use of our apps, but some parts, especially geography and some highly effective spelling rule videos require the use of the app, but those parts can be skipped if desired. The apps can be accessed and used on the computer if desired so a smart phone is not required.
Math 5 and above have a video lesson for almost all lessons. The videos contain the bulk of the teaching and are highly recommended. However, if your student feels confident in the topic being taught, he or she can skip the video and read the mini lesson instead. A student who struggles with the lesson practice should be encouraged to go back and watch the video. Some families prefer to have the parent/teacher teach the child using the mini lesson rather than have the child watch the video lesson independently.