Printable ABC Charts for Kids

Looking for the perfect ABC chart? We’ve designed three printable ABC charts in a good and beautiful style, all available as free PDFs.

An ABC letter chart is a must-have for little ones! Print or hang these charts on the wall or use the cut-apart option with our recommended learning activities listed below.

Ideas for Your ABC Chart 

Learning the alphabet is a foundation for a lifetime of learning! When made fun and interactive, learning letter recognition is an early skill that preschoolers and kindergartners can enjoy practicing every day. 

Here are some ways to incorporate our printable ABC Chart into your daily routine:

Read or sing each morning 

  • Use your ABC Chart as a bonus level of fun so that kids can follow along and recognize the letters in the song.

Make it a game

  • Print two copies of the ABC Chart. Cut out the letters and turn them over to play a fun memory game with both uppercase and lowercase, or with just one letter case at a time.
  • Use your chart to play an “I Spy” game. Point to one letter at a time, then have your child find and point to something that starts with that letter. 

Border with letters of the alphabet

Create art projects

  • Help your child make letters out of modeling clay or dough. 
  • Or, have them design items with the clay that begin with various letters of the alphabet.
  • Print and cut out the letters in the chart and have your child draw something using the letter as the base of the picture. (For example, glue the letter “T” on a piece of paper and draw branches on it to make a tree.) 

We hope these simple ideas make learning the ABCs fun for you and your little learners! 

Note: Our ABC charts are sized for 8.5″ x 11″ paper, and we recommend printing on cardstock to help them last longer!

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