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Preschool Learning at Home

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Get Ready for Kindergarten



  • 90 parent-led lessons
  • 9 Preschool Folder Activities
  • Preschool Practice Sheets
  • Access to Learning Songs and Videos

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Introduce your littlest learner to letters, sounds, numbers, counting, fine motor skills, and much more using the completely new Preschool course. Interactive activities and games included in every open-and-go lesson provide a strong learning foundation for children ages 3 and older. This course allows you to feel the joy of teaching your child as you help him or her connect learning to God, high character, beautiful artwork, and parent/child interaction right from the start of your child’s educational foundation. The newly updated Preschool course includes
  • A full-color Course Book including 90 fun, engaging lessons that were carefully designed to maximize learning
  • Adorable Preschool Folder Activities including games and punch-out pieces that are incorporated throughout the course
  • Preschool Practice Sheets to boost independent learning and encourage even more fun
  • Interactive letter sound and letter movement videos to increase letter and sound recognition

Kindergarten Prep


  • 30 parent-led lessons
  • Access to Learning Songs and Videos

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Make preparing for kindergarten fun, interactive, and hands-on! Kindergarten Prep features 30 beautiful full-color lessons that are perfect for children who need to master letters and their sounds. This full-color, single-book course is beautifully illustrated and easy to teach. Just open the book and go! 

Help your child get ready for kindergarten through these amazing features of this course:

  • Teach letter sounds, vowels, numbers, and more 
  • Interactive lessons and songs
  • Fun games and short videos
  • Connections to God, art, and nature
  • Reading two-letter and simple three-letter words
  • Introduction to word families and vowels

Watch the Kindergarten Prep Flip Through video below to see how the course uses fun lessons to teach mastery of letter recognition and letters sounds, vowels, numbers, and an introduction to blending letter sounds!

Doodles &

Two Parts:

  • Teach children the strokes and forms used in creating letters and shapes through many creative activities!

Science for Preschool–2nd Grade

Fields and Flowers


  • Full-color Parent Guide (80 pages)
  • The Big Book of Science Stories (203 pages)
  • 15 Lesson Videos

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The Science for Little Hearts and Hands Parent Guide: Fields and Flowers walks you through teaching each of the 30 interactive lessons. Each lesson requires minimal preparation and includes either a beautifully illustrated story from The Big Book of Science Stories: Fields and Flowers, or a short, engaging video. 

  • 80 pages
  • 30 lessons
  • Includes access to all course videos
  • Full color; layflat binding ; 11”x8.5”

The Big Book of Book of Science Stories: Fields and Flowers is also needed to complete this course.

Wind and Waves


  • Full-color Parent Guide (100 pages)
  • The Big Book of Science Stories (253 pages)
  • Audio Narrations

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Through fun and interactive lessons, your family will explore and learn about rain and snow, rainbows, clouds, the water cycle, what meteorologists do, and more in Little Hearts and Hands: Wind and Waves! With beautiful illustrations, captivating stories, hands-on activities, simple experiments, and interactive audio narrations, this course is a gentle introduction to science for the youngest learners. 

  • Short, engaging lessons
  • Beautifully illustrated science storybook
  • Interactive audio narrations, activities, and experiments that explore scientific ideas
  • Perfect for preschool to 2nd grade
  • Foundational scientific learning presented in a child-friendly way

This course includes a full-color Parent Guide that walks you through teaching the lessons. Each lesson includes either a beautifully illustrated story from The Big Book of Science Stories: Wind and Waves, an interactive audio narration, or activities and experiments that explore scientific ideas.

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  • Dozens of activities to help your child get ready for kindergarten

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