Count by 10’s

Counting by 10’s is an easy pattern to introduce to children once they have mastered counting by 1’s. Print the free download. Then sing along with the children in this fun “Count by 10’s” song and learn why teaching children to count by 10’s builds good number sense.

Click the image to download a printable PDF of the “Count by 10’s” chart.

Count along with the children in this fun illustrated video on the Kids Channel on YouTube.

Why Teach Children to Count by 10’s?

Once a child can count by 1’s, counting by 10’s is a good way to introduce skip counting for five reasons:

  1. It introduces place value.
  2. Children can see that counting by 10’s is counting by 1’s with a zero in the ones place.
  3. Counting groups, or skip counting, is an introduction to multiplication.
  4. It introduces counting dimes.
  5. It makes learning to count by 5’s easier.

Ten Ways to Practice Counting by 10’s

  1. Make groups of tens using blocks, pennies, stickers, etc., and count by 10’s.
  2. Find them on a multiplication chart.
  3. Sing our “Count by 10’s” song.
  4. Trade groups of ten pennies for dimes. 
  5. Practice making tally marks.
  6. Use base-ten blocks to count and show place value.
  7. Fill a ten frame with ten objects multiple times.
  8. Write tens with chalk on the sidewalk.
  9. Circle tens on a number line.
  10. Count all the fingers and toes in your family.

Ten Things That Come in Tens

Ten Commandments

God gave us Ten Commandments.

Girl on tree swing

Children have ten fingers and ten toes.

Ten pennies equal one dime

Ten pennies make a dime.

Ten dimes equals one dollar

Ten dimes make a dollar.

Ten tally marks

Two groups of five tally marks make ten.

Crabs, shrimp, and squid have ten legs.

Ten Bowling Pins

Knock down ten bowling pins to make a strike.

Ten Sided Shape

A decagon has ten sides.

Ten Basketball Players

Basketball is played with ten players.

Graphic of dots in a line

Find more counting songs on the Kids Channel on YouTube.

Graphic of Kids YouTube Logo

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