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  • Abi Gross

    We love the good and the beautiful! It’s so easy to use, just open and go!

  • Looking for math for 7th grade? Where do i find that?

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your interest in our Math 7 course. We anticipate Math 7 will be released in early 2024. Consider signing up for our email newsletter or text alerts to stay connected.

  • I’m homeschooling a preschool and a kindergarten at the same time first time homeschooling 2 kids all at once

  • We have used this curriculum for about 4 years now, and love it. We recently just moved to the UK so I’m figuring out how to amend/supplement the money stuff in the Math books to GBP rather than USD, but after trying many other curriculums I don’t think we’ll ever switch. Truly a beautiful curriculum in every sense.

  • Dusty

    Do yall offer lesson plans?