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Download our beloved Marine Biology Science Unit FREE!

Explore sharks, whales, and other creatures of the deep as you discover much more about our world’s oceans.

Vibrant images that bring sea creatures to life!

Free Download Includes:

  • Marine Biology Unit Study course book
  • Grades 3–6 Student Journal
  • Grades 7–8 Student Journal
  • Learning videos

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Science Experiment Videos

See our unit experiments in action!

Science Videos for Kids

Vivid footage and interesting narration are sure to engage children’s scientific curiosity.

How to Organize Your Units

This video walks you through how to organize your single-sided, unbound science units.

How to Use a Microscope

Watch this video for tips for using a microscope and how to choose a microscope for your home.

See why so many families love our open-and-go, family-style homeschool science curriculum.

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Answers to FAQs, certificates, answer keys, and extras

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