How to Organize a Homeschool Day

Having a well-thought-out plan for your homeschool day is imperative to having a peaceful home and homeschool. Finding a schedule and plan that works for your family doesn’t have to be difficult! Join Ashley Nielsen, a Vice President at The Good and the Beautiful as she explores a few simple principles and steps that are sure to help every single homeschool family with their homeschool schedules. To watch more helpful videos like this one, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have so much to share with you that we hope will encourage and bless your families!

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  • Mariah

    Are there recommendations for how long a child should spend on individual subjects each day as well as how long they should spend total on schooling each day? Recommendations for different ages would be great. I have seen conflicting information on the internet about how long children should spend on schoolwork each day, and would love to know what The Good and the Beautiful recommends.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Mariah! Welcome! First of all, we recommend that you determine what is required by your state. Different states have different standards as far as hours, days, weeks, etc. that students need to fulfill each school year. After that for younger children and lower level courses, we recommend that you follow your child’s lead. If you notice that your child is less able to focus or is starting to get fatigued, we recommend pausing the lesson for the day and resuming the next day. For upper level courses, we recommend that you work with the child to determine what is a good length of time to work on the lesson. Some lessons may take more than one day and some lessons may take less time and can be completed in one day. Because each child is different, we don’t offer concrete examples of how long to work on a lesson. Also, younger children will have fewer subjects to work on while older children will have more subjects, so a younger child will need less time for school than their older sibling.

  • Annie

    Thanks ! These sample schedules are helpful.

  • Amie

    This has been the most helpful post. It helps me to know it’s okay however I choose to homeschool while also giving me ideas on how to make my homeschool day better! Thank you for all this useful information!

  • Talitha Keller

    Very helpful! Thanks for all the planning resources!

  • Keeley

    In my state,Georgia, it is required that students attend 180 days per year. How is this requirement met utilizing the good and the Beautiful curriculum?

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your interest, Keeley! As we are not a school and do not coordinate our curriculum to specific state standards, we unfortunately are not able to provide personalized guidance for meeting state requirements or requirements of certain programs. We do offer all of our K-8 Language Arts and Math K-6 curriculum for free on our site. This is a helpful way to find which lessons would meet any requirements and plan out your schedule.

      We hope these resources are helpful as you work to fulfill any program requirements your state is seeking. Have a fantastic school year!