Poems About the Rain

Parents and children alike will love this free collection of delightful and fun classic poems about the rain. Bring to life the vivid colors and smells of a rainy day or the sound of galoshes stomping in sidewalk puddles through these fun, short poems! 

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Our entire book of nature poetry, I Sat by the Sea, includes some of these poems about the rain, plus many more poems for kids.

Free Poems About the Rain for Kids

Rainy Day
Bee Bowers

Three little ducks walk out in the rain.
Quack! Quack! Quack!
Each with his waterproof feathers
Folded along his back,

Each with his little pink rubbers
Waddling into town.
Each finds a pond of which he is fond
And stands in it upside down!

Illustration of girl sitting by duck pond in the rain
Rainy Day Song
Violet Alleyn Storey

The spring rain is soft rain.
The soft rain is sweet
And warm, and falls gently
On each country street.

And out in the soft rain,
Pink blossoms now blow;
In sweet rain and warm rain,
Blue violets grow.

Little Raindrops
J.F. Kinsey

Little raindrops fill the fountains,
Little birds sing in the trees,
Little sand grains make the mountains,
Little hives are filled with bees.

All the little things are useful,
And the children must be too,
There is always work made ready
For the little hands to do.

Sky Laundry
Marie Louise Allen

Last night, the rain was busy
With washing out the sky––
This morning, white and fluffy,
The clouds are out to dry.

Rubbers and Galoshes
Marie Louise Allen

Rubbers are for rainy days,
Galoshes are for snow.
They make my feet walk quietly,
Everywhere I go.

In summer, when I walk, my feet
Go “Crackle, crackle,” down the street.
But when it rains, or when there’s snow,
My feet so very softly go.

With rubbers or galoshes on,
I cannot hear my feet.
Without them, I go “Crackle, crackle, 
Crackle,” down the street!

The Shower

Hear the rain, patter, patter,
On the pane, clatter, clatter!
Down it pours, helter, pelter;
Quick indoors! Shelter, shelter!
See it gush, and roar and whirl,
Swiftly rush, eddy, and swirl
Through the street, down the gutters!
How it splashes—but we don’t care
Though it dashes everywhere.
We don’t care, for, peeping through—
See! Up there—a patch of blue!
And the sun, in spite of rain,
Has begun to smile again.

PDF Preview Poems About the Rain

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  • Pamela

    What a beautiful collection of poems. Although I have been using your curriculum for over a year now, I’ve just discovered your blog and its amazing resources. Thank you so much for providing these, it may seem like something small but by add these resources to our home schooling it has a big impact on us and our families.