Homeschool High School Updates

As many of you know, we are busy creating and piloting many new courses for our preschool through grade 8 curriculum. But what about homeschool high school courses?  

We’ve created this blog post to keep you updated on the status of high school curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful. Updates will post here whenever there is new information available.

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What are the current plans for high school?

We hear your desire to continue with a good and beautiful education all the way through high school—we have high school students too!

We appreciate your patience as we develop a solid, foundational curriculum for preschool through grade 8 before increasing our attention to developing complete, academically solid high school courses.

Language Arts

Our three full-year high school levels incorporate everything needed for high school requirements. By design, there will not be a High School 4 Language Arts course, as all necessary concepts are in the three courses we offer.

Flat Lay High School Language Arts Year 1 Course Set - 1B

Options for High School Year Four: 

  • Some 9th graders complete our Level 7 or Level 8 options because the courses are advanced, thus leaving High School Language Arts 1, 2, and 3 for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Some states may not accept a Level 7 or 8 course for high school credit. Consult with your local homeschool resources.

  • Many students who complete all three homeschool high school levels before their senior year choose to take editing, creative writing, or college-level courses. These courses are not currently available from The Good and the Beautiful.

  • Students often complete High School Honors Book Studies for in-depth literature study.
Spread High School Honors Book Study Little Men By Lousia May Alcott and Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austin - 1A


We commit to offering homeschool math through Level 8 and hope to offer high school math courses in the future. Our team would start working on them as soon as Level 8 is complete, but cannot guarantee it at this time.


High school science courses are actively in the works now, and they are coming along just as we hoped! We can’t wait to share these courses with you and aim to release one or two science courses in 2024 or later. However, we cannot guarantee a release date or name specific courses at this time.


Our team greatly desires to pursue high school history courses and is currently planning them, but cannot guarantee we will end up pursuing these courses or name specific courses or release dates at this time.


There are several homeschool high school elective ideas under consideration for the future (after we complete core high school courses).

Full High School Program

We are planning and developing ideas for a full homeschool high school program and platform, but if we pursue this route, it is not releasing until at least 2024 or later.

Homeschool Accreditation

We have been researching and exploring accreditation and are leaning toward non-accredited courses for our homeschool high school. This is subject to change, but we will likely always have non-accredited options available if we also pursue accredited classes. Information will be updated here as plans solidify.

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  • Ashley Wright

    Great read!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog, Keep sharing such great blogs.

  • Chris James

    I have homeschooled my children and blog like these have always helped me. Keep sharing such great blogs.

  • Danielle

    Thank you for all this amazing curriculum information. My daughter will be in 9th grade this year. I’m looking forward to using this curriculum for her through high school. I’m hoping by the time my younger 2 get to high school, you will have high school math available! 😊

  • Shannon Burch

    I would love TGTB to offer high school!

    • Customer Support

      Hello Shannon! “We offer three High School Language Arts Courses. All the language arts principles needed for high schoolers (and more!) are covered in our High School 1, 2, and 3 courses. Thus, we will not have a High School 4 course. If children have completed High School 1-3, they can start college courses or take a high school writing course, editing course, or other language arts elective, which we do not have available at this time.
      In addition to the Language Arts Courses, our current History Courses are designed to be taught family style and can be used for high school aged students.

  • Bri

    Thank you for the update. This is actually perfect for our home. My middle child will be going into 8th grade soon and she’s ready for HS. I’ll have her do the three levels over 8th, 9th, and 10th grades and then she’ll be ready for college dual enrollment in 11th and 12th. Thinking out loud, basically- but maybe it will help someone else. Thank you!