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Last Updated March 4, 2024

As many of you know, we are busy creating and piloting many new courses for our preschool through grade 8 curriculum. But what about homeschool high school courses?  

We’ve created this blog post to keep you updated on the status of high school curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful. Updates will be posted here whenever there is new information available.

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What are the current plans for high school?

We hear your desire to continue with a good and beautiful education all the way through high school—we have high school students, too!

We appreciate your patience as we develop a solid, foundational curriculum for preschool through grade 8 before increasing our attention to developing complete, academically sound high school courses.

Language Arts

Our three full-year high school levels incorporate everything needed to meet high school requirements. By design, there is no High School 4 Language Arts course, as all necessary concepts are taught in the three language arts courses we offer.

  • High School 1 Homeschool Curriculum
  • High School 2 Homeschool Curriculum
  • High School 3 Homeschool Curriculum

Options for High School Year Four: 

  • Some 9th graders complete our Level 7 or Level 8 options because the courses are advanced, leaving High School Language Arts 1, 2, and 3 for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Note: Some states may not accept a Level 7 or 8 course for high school credit. Consult your local homeschool resources.

  • Many students who complete all three homeschool high school levels before their senior year choose to take editing, creative writing, or college-level courses. These courses are not currently available from The Good and the Beautiful.

  • Students often complete High School Honors Book Studies for in-depth literature study.
Spread High School Honors Book Study Little Men By Lousia May Alcott and Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austin - 1A

Watch our May 2023 and February 2024 videos with the latest updates about our commitment to high school curriculum.

More High School Courses

In addition to our rigorous high school language arts courses, we will be creating an entire high school program with all core subjects and several elective classes to prepare students to face adulthood and parenthood with faith, character, knowledge, and powerful skills.

You might be surprised to learn that less than 3% of our customers homeschool a high schooler. High school curriculum is much more expensive to create than K–8 curriculum, and it takes a lot more time and energy. Creating high school curriculum would not be the route to go if we were seeking products with the highest profits.

But our team at The Good and the Beautiful feels strongly that the high school curriculum we are creating is needed. It will enable parents to homeschool high schoolers and enable students to continue benefiting from good and beautiful educational materials.

So when is it coming?

Everything we do at The Good and the Beautiful is thoughtfully planned and of the highest quality. We wanted to release a full high school program all at the same time, but we have decided that it will serve you all better to release individual high school subjects as we create them. Thus, our high school program will not be released until at least 2027. It will be worth the wait! In the meantime, our high school language arts courses are available.


Wanting our high school science courses to be academically robust and easy for parents to homeschool high school, we’ve taken our time to figure out just the right approach. The Good and the Beautiful Biology course will help teenagers see the beauty and wonder of science. We have spent years fine tuning our high school biology course and we expect to release it in 2025.


Simply Good and Beautiful Math 7 is a full-year math course that we released in January 2024. A pre-algebra course is in development now with an anticipated Spring 2025 release. 

Students have two math track options after completing Simply Good and Beautiful Math 6

  1. Move into Simply Good and Beautiful Math 7 to provide an additional year of solidifying math concepts before moving into a pre-algebra course. 
  2. Move directly into a pre-algebra course.

When deciding, consider how successful your student was in Math 6 and how much your student enjoys math in general. It’s also important to start thinking about high school courses, your state’s math requirements for graduation, and your child’s future goals. If your student wants to pursue a math-related major, taking pre-algebra in 7th grade will allow him or her to take an additional math course in high school. Alternatively, a student who does not intend to enter a math-heavy field may prefer to take pre-algebra in 8th grade. Pre-algebra is most commonly taken in 7th or 8th grade, though some students take it in 6th grade, and others wait until 9th grade. There is no right or wrong decision. The choice is a personal one, but do consider future courses and your state’s requirements.

Use the High School Math Tracks chart below to help plan your student’s math courses through highschool.

Homeschool Accreditation

We have been researching and exploring accreditation, and we are leaning toward non-accredited courses for our homeschool high school curriculum. This is subject to change, of course, but we will likely always have non-accredited options available if we later also pursue accredited classes. We will update information here as plans solidify.

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  • Megan

    I’m looking to homeschool my son come 24-25 year and wanting to find out if accredited Is necessary for lower grades? He will be in first grade. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it. I’m loving all the information on the subjects with this school here, just want to make sure I have all the information beforehand.

    • Customer Support

      The Good and the Beautiful does not currently offer accredited curriculum or an accredited program. We are a curriculum company and not a school. We offer curriculum and resources for purchase that customers can then use to teach in their homes without any reporting or enrollment with The Good and the Beautiful.

      When students reach high school and if they are seeking a traditional diploma, accreditation can come into play depending on your state requirements. From a recent social media survey of customers, we found that most are not seeking an accredited program and children have good success being admitted to competitive colleges without accreditation. Many high school students begin college or upper-level work when they reach high school rather than completing accredited homeschool programs and/or a traditional diploma.

  • jodi

    My dauther is starting 7th grade and we are needing to switch our math curriculum this year. We cant decide which one to go with but i have always been intrested in this one. Im confused on whether or not we need to do pre-algebra or math 7 . Do you offer pre-algebra ? Im confsued how it works , would the pre-algebra course cover everything needed for the whole math year not just algebra? hope thats not confusing . If you could answer my questions that would be great!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Jodi! We are happy to help you with this. We recommend (if you haven’t already) administering the Placement Test. https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/placement/ That will help you determine if Math 7 is the correct level. Passing the Placement Test for Math 7 indicates that your daughter is ready to take Math 7. However, because we do not have the Math 8/pre-algebra Placement Test available, it could be that she might be ready for that. Our next level of Math (Math 8) will be a pre-algebra course. That will not be released until 2025. While pre-algebra/algebra skills may be taught in our Math 6-7 courses, none of them are equivalent to pre-algebra/algebra. If you have further questions, our support team would be happy to assist you if you email [email protected].

  • Alana Jarrell

    When will new history lessons be released? My son (and I😊) have thoroughly enjoyed the US Constitution this year and I have learned so much just teaching him!! I know your other history units/kits have been discontinued. We don’t want to do history with any other curriculum.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Alana! We are so glad you and your son have been enjoying US Constitution and Government! Our updated History courses will not be released before summer 2025. We invite you to connect with her on our social media pages, YouTube, or via email newsletter or text alert to stay informed of any announcements. https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/connect/

  • Must the high school LA units be used sequentially (1,2,3…), or can they be used out of order? I am interested in tayloring the book units to match our history schedule.

    • Customer Support

      What a neat idea! The high school language arts curriculum is set up in a way that it can work to take the courses in any order. However, not going in consecutive order will occasionally require students to watch videos or study foundational grammar principles upon which other principles are built. In these rare cases, the course will say something like the following sentence: “Foundational Concept Needed: To understand run-on sentences, you must first understand what makes a complete sentence. If needed, watch the video titled ‘A Sentence Needs Three Things’ on http://www.goodandbeautiful.com/videos before proceeding.” Because review and practice is vital to cementing principles, there is a lot of review in the courses, making it more feasible to take the courses out of order when needed.

  • Heidi

    I see that Math 8 (Prealgebra) is scheduled to release in Spring 2025. Do you anticipate an Algebra 1 course will be released in 2026? And more high school levels each year after that? I have two kids currently finishing up Math 6 and am looking forward to using Math 7 with them in the fall. Since Math 8 is releasing Spring 2025 it looks like it will also be ready for them for the following school year. I’m hoping there will be an Algebra 1 option to continue after Math 8. I’d hate to have to switch them to a different curriculum for high school when your math curriculum works so well for them. Thanks in advance for any insight as to when high school math courses are expected to release.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Heidi! Math curriculum is a high priority for us. Because we are still working on our elementary Math courses, we do not have plans to release any High School math courses in the near future.