What Makes Our Math Curriculum Unique

  • Full-year math instruction including 120 lessons incorporating hands-on learning, fun activities, and games.
  • Engaging open-and-go lessons that are just the right length for children.
  • A focus on building a foundation of strong number sense and mathematical thinking.
  • Lessons created to weave excitement and meaning into daily math lessons.
  • The highest academics that beat national standards.

Each course set is available at a very inexpensive price in physical format and Math K–6 are available as completely FREE downloads! Don’t plan your homeschool year without exploring the beauty, ease, and high academics in these new courses!

Math 7–8 will be released in the coming years.

Christian Worldview

Read about our general Christian worldview that does not contain doctrine specific to any Christian denomination.
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Musical Multiplication is not being discontinued. The Good and the Beautiful discontinued its original math line and those courses are no longer available. Answer keys and songs for original math courses can be found by clicking here.