Poems About the Sun

We know you will cherish this free collection of 15 delightful poems about the sun! Many of these charming poems for kids (and other nature poems) can also be found in “I Sat by the Sea,” a poetry book that is part of the Language Arts Level 3 homeschool curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful

The entire Language Arts Levels 1-5 courses, including “I Sat by the Sea,” are available as free downloads. Learn more about those and other free homeschooling resources here, but in the meantime, have fun reading these poems about the sun—perfect for summertime!

The Puppy Chased the Sunbeam
Ivy O. Eastwick

The Puppy chased the Sunbeam
All around the house—
He thought it was a bee,
Or a little golden mouse;
He thought it was a spider
On a little silver string;
He thought it was a butterfly
Or some such flying thing;
He thought—but oh! I cannot tell you
Half the things he thought
As he chased the sparkling Sunbeam

The Sun
John Drinkwater

I told the Sun that I was glad,
I’m sure I don’t know why;
Somehow the pleasant way he had
Of shining in the sky,
Just put a notion in my head
That wouldn’t it be fun
If, walking on the hill, I said
“I’m happy” to the Sun.

The Sun
Annette Wynne

Long before the postman comes
The sun begins to rise,
Far in the East if you should look
You’d find it in the skies.
At first it’s just a streak of light
Then all at once the world gets bright.
Then in the sky from East to West
The happy sun goes on its way.
And all day long it shines its best
To give us pleasant day.
Dear God, who made the day and night,
We thank Thee for the sun’s good light.

The Sunlight Ran on Little Feet
Ivy O. Eastwick

The Sunlight ran
On little feet
Up the street
And down the street;
It ran across
A flowery meadow
Danced upon
An oak tree’s shadow,
Turned and twirled
And whirled with joy
Around and around
A little boy—
It touched his fingers,
Knees, and toes,
Then freckled him
Upon the nose.

If I Were a Sunbeam
Lucy Larcom

If I were a sunbeam,
I know what I would do,
I’d seek the whitest lilies
The rainy woodland through.
Stealing in among them,
The softest light I’d shed.
Until each graceful lily
Raised its drooping head.

If I were a sunbeam,
I know where I would go,
Into the lowliest hovels,
All dark with want and woe,
Until sad hearts look upward,
I there would shine and shine.
Then they would think of heaven,
Their sweet home and mine.

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