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The Good and the Beautiful is on a mission to bring good books to families worldwide. Founder Jenny Phillips has spent years analyzing the impact books have on children’s minds and hearts.

She says, “Comparing the first few sentences of books from a century ago and today shows that, overall, books have become much less complex because the trend is to use much simpler sentences. This type of writing does not make a brain work as hard. In turn, a child is not learning skills such as focus and concentration nor increasing his or her attention span. 

It’s eye-opening to compare the first sentences of some best-selling books in recent years for middle grades on Amazon.com and those from top-selling books for the same age group in the late 19th century.” 

Read more of her thoughts on How Books Have Changed in the Past Century and other topics on The Good and the Beautiful Book Blog. The uplifting messages on our printable bookmarks remind children of the importance of good books.

Jenny believes books have the power to improve writing and concentration, but not if they are void of quality writing and stripped of sensory language, poetic devices, and varied sentence structure.

“Books that give deep and meaningful insights into human life can help children gain more depth of character, stronger analytical thinking skills, greater empathy for others, and increased knowledge.” 

Jenny Phillips
founder of The Good and the Beautiful

Book Resources

Homeschool Book List

The Good and the Beautiful Book List 

This searchable online database includes reviews of hundreds of books read by The Good and the Beautiful team. The books are scored for their educational, moral, and literary values and all are recommended by Jenny Phillips. 

Visit The Good and the Beautiful Library

The Good and the Beautiful Library

A collection of original titles for children of all ages! Find only good and beautiful books in this one-of-a-kind library. 

Why Read Good Books?

We’ve picked some fan-favorite books from The Good and the Beautiful Library to share with you. The reviews below explain how these books teach good values while taking readers on exciting adventures. These types of books truly are good and beautiful. They have changed the hearts and minds of children (and their parents too)!

Badger Hills Farm series by Jenny Phillips
Badger Hills Farm

“This whole series has captured the time and attention of all of my children, as well as myself! From my bookworm 11 year old boy, to my hesitant reader aged 10, as well as my 9 year old. All enjoyed it and found it hard to put down in the best way! It made me want to be a better person too!


Crooked Creek Ranch Book 1 and Crooked Creek Ranch and the Great Flood by Amy Drorbaugh
Crooked Creek Ranch

“An adorable book! Ma and Pa and their “littles” live on a ranch in California. The adventures they get into feel like reading a new story of Little House on the Prairie. The stories were inspired by the author’s mother’s childhood. I love these types of stories because they emphasize a strong family bond, great sibling relationships that are healthy and not “bickering” as so many other books these days have. Great read I highly recommend!

–Petra S.

Front Cover Brave Little Ruby By Shannen Yauger
Brave Little Ruby

“I am so impressed with this book. It tackled a tough topic in an honest way that was still age-appropriate. While we were reading it, it almost brought me to tears to hear how the little girl was treated. My 6 year old listened with great interest. Little Ruby truly was brave.”


Front Cover A Wolf in the North Woods By Heather Horn - 1A
A Wolf in the North Woods

“I read this aloud to my 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11 year old during science this week. As we finished, I asked each child to share something new they learned from the book. They had wonderful answers. One younger child did not know wolf pups were born without hearing or sight. An older one was fascinated by the idea of how pups learn to hunt through play first. Someone drew a connection between the way birds eat and throw up food into their young hatchlings’ mouths and the way wolves transition pups from milk to solids by doing the same thing. We loved this book!

–Tristan R.L.

Front Cover Mark Lives on Mars By Jenny Phillips - 1B
Mark Lives on Mars

“This book ignited a fascination with Mars and space exploration in the mind of my oldest son. It was his absolute favorite book. Two years later, he now owns multiple books on Mars and space.”

–Brook M.

Don’t forget to download our free printable bookmarks! 

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  • Britney C.

    Reading Good and Beautiful books in our homeschool has had a big impact on my children. They often point out beautiful things in the world that they notice. They also learn a lesson in each book that they read, even if it is subtle. My older child has even stopped reading some of the books that he used to love because he recognizes that they are not Good and Beautiful and don’t make him feel happy like good books do. We’re so thankful for these books!

  • Kelley Hartis Cobb

    The Good and Beautiful books have introduce my family to wholesome and engaging literature. My children and I love the variety of books offered. Thank you!

  • Kristina Summers

    The thought had never crossed my mind to pay attention to how relationships were portrayed in books that my children are reading. I was careful about TV Shows, and music, but never really thought about books affecting how my children treat each other, as well as, me and and my husband. I have loved that TGTB provides books with wholesome characters that I can trust will have a positive impact on my children. We have loved homeschooling and I know that even if my kids do go back to public school in the future, we will continue using TGTB as a resource for great books!

  • Christie Lidtka

    Having my kids read The Good and the Beautiful books has been a game changer, especially for my oldest! I have seen positive changes in her attitude and in how she treats others. She’s become more aware of how her actions affect others and it’s been beautiful to see this shift in her awareness.

  • Kara D

    Reading The Good and The Beautiful books has positively changed our homeschool. They are wonderful stories that focus on the simple and beautiful things in life instead of the “keeping up with the Jones” modern society type mentality. They have gorgeous illustrations that capture my kids attention. I love not having to pre-read the books before my kids enjoy them.