Mark Lives on Mars

by Jenny Phillips

Hard to please 5 year old boy

5.0 rating
May 29, 2020

My son has been a reluctant reader, not from lack of ability, but just from laziness. But this book is very cute and captivating for any kids who love space. I think the difficulty level is spot on. My son keeps it on his bed and reads it when he can’t fall asleep. So happy he found a book to love


Son loved this book!

5.0 rating
May 20, 2020

My son really loved this book. He even asked if there was a series of Mark on Mars.

Kendra W

Son's Favorite

5.0 rating
February 26, 2020

This, of course, was my son’s first pick and he loved that he could read it by himself to his little sister. They sat together on the couch reading and making up their own journey to space. It was a great bonding experience for them.


5.0 rating
December 30, 2019

My kid enjoyed this one because it’s about space and we just learned about mars.


Fun story!

5.0 rating
December 26, 2019

Cute, engaging and a fun story line for my son. He loved this book and has reread it several times.

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Level 1B

Mark and his family have left Earth and moved to Mars! Everything is new and exciting. Join Mark as he explores his home and learns all about the Red Planet.

56 pages

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