Mark Lives on Mars

by Jenny Phillips


5.0 rating
December 30, 2019

My kid enjoyed this one because it’s about space and we just learned about mars.


Fun story!

5.0 rating
December 26, 2019

Cute, engaging and a fun story line for my son. He loved this book and has reread it several times.


Great follow up!

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

We did the TGTB Space unit this summer, so this was a perfect follow up to that. (It would be an awesome addition as a unit read aloud if you haven’t done it yet.)
It was fun comparing the illustrations to our imagined life on Mars.
Another great hit in our home!

Monica Casperson

No Title

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

Love how simple this story is for those beginning to read! My son has recently started loving anything to do with space so was excited to find this book for him to read!


A glimpse into daily life on Mars

5.0 rating
November 6, 2019

A glimpse into what life on Mars could be like. My boys (6, 4 and 3) enjoyed seeing what a home might look like, what we might have to wear and how the weather would impact day-to-day life.

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Level 1

Mark and his family have left Earth and moved to Mars! Everything is new and exciting. Join Mark as he explores his home and learns all about the Red Planet.

51 Pages

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