Shipping & Tracking

How long does it take for my order to ship from the day it is placed?

All orders leave our warehouse within 1-3 business days, depending on how many orders we are processing.

Please note, our warehouse will be closed for a few days around Thanksgiving which may cause some orders to be slightly delayed.  Those days are:

Wednesday November 27 (early closure)
Thursday, November 28
Friday November 29
Do you offer free shipping codes?

We do! We offer a free shipping code on U.S. orders and $15 off international orders (minimum purchase required) twice a year on November 4th and December 30th.

Why is shipping internationally so expensive?

The shipping prices are set by the postal system. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to ship to international customers for less. We so wish there were! Most of our international customers purchase PDF files and either have the items printed at a print shop or purchase a nice printer and print the items at home. It is definitely not as convenient, but once you have printed the courses, they are pretty much open and go.

I placed two orders and would like to combine them to save on shipping. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, our system for processing orders doesn’t currently allow us to combine orders together to ship. Our shipping and handling costs are based on the weight and size of the order, so even if we could combine the orders, you’d only save a dollar or two.

I received my Math Activity Box but not the rest of my order. Was it shipped separately?

Yes, we do ship the Math Activity Box separately as it doesn’t qualify to ship via USPS Media Mail.  We ship the Math Activity Boxes via USPS Priority mail, which usually arrives more quickly than Media Mail shipments.

Why does my order show that a label has been created but the Post Office hasn’t received it yet? Has it been shipped yet?

Our orders are always picked up the same day we create the tracking label.  They are picked up by the postal service on a pallet and are not scanned as “received” by the post office until they arrive at their sorting facility in Denver. Our warehouse is in Utah, so sometimes it may take several days for your order to arrive in Denver and be scanned as received by the post office.

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Customer Support Emails are answered Monday–Saturday throughout the day and always within 24 hours (Monday–Friday). 

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Phone Number

We do not offer phone support. However, we have a number at which you can leave a message if you are unable to contact us through email: 801-641-5514 Please allow 1–3 business days for a response. Please do not email and leave a phone message about the same issue.