I didn’t receive the download link I purchased. Can you send it again?

The email containing your purchased download link may be in your junk folder or may have been blocked by your spam filter. Email us at support@goodandbeautiful.com, and we will be happy to send the link again.

Downloading our free products works a little differently. First, select the product that you would like to download and enter your email address in the appropriate box. Second, make sure to click “subscribe”; this will allow you access to download the file right from our website. It’s that easy! You can download the free files as many times as you would like. Please note that free PDF files will not be sent to your email address.

Customer Support

support@goodandbeautiful.com Emails are answered Monday–Saturday throughout the day and always within 24 hours (Monday–Friday). 

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Phone Number

We do not offer phone support. However, we have a number at which you can leave a message if you are unable to contact us through email: 801-641-5514 Please allow 1–3 business days for a response. Please do not email and leave a phone message about the same issue.