What do I need to order for my child?

This is one of the most common questions parents have when they first visit our website. We created a helpful video to guide you through the simple process of how to get started and what to purchase.

Our Shopping List/Age-Level Guide is also a helpful tool to help you navigate what products are needed and what is typically used for each age group. We understand that not every child will use the suggested level for their age. We advise parents to administer our Language Arts Placement Test and Math Placement Test before purchasing items, as these tests will give you a more detailed look at your child’s needs.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

We do not, but we do offer free shipping to United States shipping addresses on any order that includes 5 or more books from our Bookshop. Visit for full details, terms, and conditions.

Do your materials follow Common Core standards? How do they compare to public school standards?

The academic spine of our curriculum was developed by compiling national state standards and then determining which ones are developmentally appropriate and also match Good and Beautiful moral standards and the abilities of our pilot children. Our curriculum also includes valuable learning and concepts not required by state standards. It does not follow Common Core standards.

We believe that children who work on The Good and the Beautiful curriculum consistently each day will find that they are far above public school standards. This belief is based on the results of extensive piloting during development, numerous awards, and the positive results reported by many of the hundreds of thousands of children who have used our curriculum.

What educational philosophy does the curriculum use?

Our courses are not based on one specific educational philosophy or method. Rather, the creators of the curriculum intensely studied many different philosophies over a period of years and compiled what they felt were the best elements from several different philosophies, pulling mainly from Charlotte Mason.

Does the curriculum include doctrines specific to any certain Christian denomination?

No. The focus is on general principles of moral character such as honesty and kindness. The King James Version of the Bible is used when quoting Bible verses.

The Good and the Beautiful curriculum takes a general Christian worldview, focusing, not on the doctrine of any particular Christian church, but on high moral character and basic Bible principles such as gratitude, honesty, prayer, and kindness. Parents can add in their own doctrinal beliefs as desired.

The curriculum is reviewed by members of many different faiths to make sure that the curriculum does not include doctrine specific to any Christian church. We have reviewers and users of the following denominations and more: Lutheran, Assemblies of God, Catholic, Baptist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mennonite, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nazarene, Methodist, Non-Denominational, and Seventh Day Adventists.

Watch our video below for in-depth information as well and see how we are encouraging unity and kindness among different Christian denominations through our unique, nondenominational approach to homeschool curriculum.

How do I grade the material?

We do not have a set system for grading, except for in our high school language arts program. For everything else we suggest you develop your own grading system taking into account your family’s needs and state requirements. One suggestion is to give a grade out of 100 for each lesson based on thoroughness, effort, and correctness.

Can I sell or give away my PDF files and downloads if I sell my curriculum to another homeschool parent?

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we are unable to allow the resale of digital materials such as PDFs, downloadable files, or songs. These items may not be included for free or for purchase with the sale of physical materials. All customers will have to purchase the PDF versions or downloads of our products from our website.

How do I report a typo/error?

Please email our customer support team ([email protected]) if you find a typo in the curriculum. If you are using an edition that is older than two years, the typo has most likely been fixed and will not need to be reported

I am running a co-op/group/class with The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum. What do I need to buy?

These guidelines apply to in-person co-ops and groups only. For online co-ops and groups, each individual student must purchase their own physical or PDF course and each family must purchase their own copy of each group subject (history and science). The teacher is required to verify purchases for each individual and family. Free PDFs may not be used for online co-ops and groups.

Language Arts – You may make as many copies as you would like using the free PDF files for levels K-8. For the levels that are not free (Preschool, Kindergarten Prep, and all high school courses), you will need to purchase a physical copy (or PDF file) for each child in the group.

History – You must purchase one copy (physical or PDF file) of every item you plan to use with your group of eight or fewer students. If you are teaching a larger group, please purchase one course for every eight students (0-8 students=1 course, 9-16 students=2 courses, and so on). You may make as many copies of the worksheets, Student Explorers, etc. as needed.

Science – You must purchase one course book per every eight students. If you are teaching a larger group, please purchase one copy per every eight students (0-8 students=1 course, 9-16 students=2 courses, and so on). You must also purchase one PDF or physical copy of the Student Journal per student.

Handwriting, Nature Notebook, Creative Writing Notebooks, Typing — You must purchase a physical copy (or PDF file) for each child in the group.

Book Studies – You must purchase a physical copy (or PDF file) of the Book Study AND the corresponding reading book for each child in the group.

Math – You may make as many copies as you would like using the free PDF files for levels K-7. If you want a physical copy, you must purchase one course book for each child. The manipulatives may be shared within the group (of eight or fewer students). Please note that it may be difficult to use just one Math Box in a group larger than 4 or 5 students.

How do I make sure I use copyrighted information correctly on my blog or in worksheets I create?

There are a few guidelines we would like to make you aware of as you post about The Good and the Beautiful. In compliance with copyright laws, our copyrighted materials, including our logo and website photos, cannot be used. Links to directly download products, such as PDFs you have purchased or received for free, cannot be posted. You may post your personal photos and personal videos of our curriculum. No supplements made using the material, lists, or other items within our curriculum can be provided to others for free, as a download, or for sale as this would be a violation of copyright laws. If you would like to guide your readers to our curriculum and products, please link directly to our website at

I am not religious; can I still use your curriculum? My co-op/school/umbrella group does not pay for curriculum with religious content.

A few of our products are non-religious; you can find that list here: The Good and the Beautiful Religious Content in Products

According to feedback we’ve received from other non-religious families, our Nature Notebook and language arts courses tend to be the easiest to remove the religious content as you are using them. Science is a little harder, and history is the most difficult. We have a very strict refund policy, so please view the extensive samples we offer on our website before purchasing.

Will your curriculum be a good fit for my child with dyslexia?

Although many of our customers report success using our curriculum in teaching their dyslexic children, it was not designed purposefully to teach dyslexic children. Jenny Phillips has a special place in her heart for children with dyslexia. She put a team together that is currently exploring the option of creating a dyslexia program for The Good and the Beautiful. Unfortunately, if this project moves forward, it will likely take at least a couple of years until it is released. The Good and the Beautiful curriculum incorporates concepts that work well for children who have very mild dyslexia, but it may not be a perfect fit for all dyslexic children.

We suggest downloading the free versions of Language Arts Levels K-8 and work through it a bit with your child to see how it works before ordering the physical version.

What curriculum is free?

Language Arts and Literature course sets levels K-8 and Simply Good and Beautiful Math K-7 are offered as free downloads! You can also download our book list and our Marine Biology science unit for free. To save you time and money, we also offer high-quality printed course sets for less than the average cost of having it printed on your own. As the courses contain a lot of beautiful, detailed art, it is suggested you do not use a home printer to print the full-color materials unless you have a high-quality printer.

The free Language Arts and Literature courses can be accessed by clicking on the specific level you need on this webpage: Free Homeschool Language Arts Resources and the free Simply Good and Beautiful Math courses can be accessed by clicking on the specific level you need on this webpage: Free Homeschool Math Curriculum.


Our free Marine Biology Science unit is available here: Marine Biology.

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